05 deuce makes weird noise in fuel system prior to starting?

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hole in fuel line inside tank
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What do you do when your 98 Nissan Maxima vibrates and makes weird noises?

My 1996 Nissan Maxima started making weird noises, first it sounded like something was loose. The sounds were coming from the front tire area. I continued to drive the car for while and the noices just got worse. I was driving 50mph and it felt like the tires were going to fall off! I discovered the ( Full Answer )

Have an ef falcon that wont start have spark and fuel pump makes a little noise when turned on but not starting could fuel pump be the problem?

Answer . \nSounds like a fuel pump problem, common on EF's. Get an assistant to turn on the ignition while you squeeze the hose connected to the fuel pump. You should feel it pressurise. Also, give the fuel pump a tap with a piece of wood, it may free it up and the car will start. You will need ( Full Answer )

Why does car make whirring noise but not start?

Whirring Noise But Will Not Start If you try to start the car and you hear the whirring noise andwhen you let off the key and it stops, that usually means that thegear in the starter isn't engaging the motor's flywheel. Tryreplacing the starter's bendix unit. What a bendix is, is a relay with a fo ( Full Answer )

How does KoRn make the weird noises on their guitars?

Answer . Easy! If you listen to Freak on A leash they either scratch the strings with a pick while it's connected to an amp! The also MIGHT use computers to easily morph the sound!. Korn also use a lot of pinch harmonics and other techniques used while playing metal. But they suck.. ----------- ( Full Answer )

Why does your stomach make weird noises when your hungry?

Stomach noise - such as rumbling, gurgling and growling - typically is due to normal digestion. Stomach growling can occur when you're hungry. But it can also occur after eating or between meals when food is passing through your intestines. Hunger and appetite are controlled by a complex system of h ( Full Answer )

Wont start makes clicking noise?

Bad battery or bad battery connection. The click is the starter trying to engage, but lacking the power to turn the motor.

Why is your rabbit making weird noises and not eating or drinking?

There is a good chance it is because the rabbit has dental issues. The rabbit's teeth may have over-grown and cause them pain. There are many possible reasons that might cause a rabbit to make weird noses and not eat or drink. Whatever the reason, your rabbit needs to see a vet with experience and k ( Full Answer )

Why do people make weird noises?

There are several possible reasons for people to make weird noises. Some people are simply amused to discover that they are capable of making weird noises. Some (but not all) deaf people are not aware that their efforts to speak are producing weird noises. Some people think that the weird noises tha ( Full Answer )

Why does your horse make weird gut noises when it runs?

There are gases in the gut that get squeezed and sloshed around in the intestines, cecum and bowel that make these noises. Some male horses (stallios and geldings) will squeek too, and mares can make a farting sound from the air that enters the vulva. Many race mares have a proceedure called a castl ( Full Answer )

How do you make weird noises with a computer?

if you hold down the shift key then its will be funny Or you could use a program like FL Studio, which is a music production suite. Take a synthesizer and modulate (move) the cutoff frequency, so the sound wobbles.

Why does your bunny make weird noises?

bunnies make wierd noises to sneeze,clear their throat,or to show that they are hurt or scared mostly screeching means hurt or scared

Is a 2003 deuce fuel carborated?

Yes, and no. It came with either option so you need to ask or look at the bike under the fuel tank.

Why do dogs make weird noises?

Well, dogs make weird noises for all sorts of reasons, they usually make noises if they want something like food or to be let outside. When dogs make weird nosies it is just like when we need to say something we talk, dogs bark or make a noise.

Why does a computer make weird noises?

\n. \nits either really slow and its trying to work or its broken\n. \nWhile "weird noises" is rather vague, possible causes of strange noises coming from a computer are usually one of two things: a fan malfunctioning or a hard drive dying.\n. \nGenerally when your computer starts making weird no ( Full Answer )

Why is bike making a clicking noise but not starting?

You have to put your feet on the pedals... then push down to roll forward and move your feet in a circular pattern while steering with the handlebars. The clicking may be your chain rubbing on the derailer

Car will not start makes ticking noise?

when i cut my car off and cut it back on its makes a ticking sounds, then i would have to get a jump then it would fire right up> we just go an 02 censor put on the car.

Why does your throat make weird noises?

Do you mean when you yawn? When you yawn air sometimes gets trapped behind your tonsils and makes a sort-of high-pitched burping sound as you stretch and close your mouth.

What to do when your heelys make a weird noise?

Get the right screwdriver and disattach the heels from your shoes. Then check them to see if there are any stones or anything else trapped in them... and here's a tip: "Don't walk in the mud, water, or snow with them!"

Is it normal for a newly installed fuel pump to make a humming noise I never heard it when the old one was in I would hear it start when i turned the key to the on position but no noise after that?

Yes, it is quite common. This is the fuel system priming itself, ie building up pressure in the system so it can inject fuel into the cylinder. It could be that your old pump was wearing down and so didn't make any noise, but more likely that you are now looking for noises from that area and the pum ( Full Answer )

Why does my webcam make a weird noise when I talk to friends?

your web cam makes a weird noise because of the web cam not you the web cam mic normally has a bit of a bad pick up so the more money you spend on it the less of the noise it will make. so if you speak clearly it will not make as much of a problem

If your computer keeps crashing and making weird noises is it dying?

it is possible, I would have to hear the noise or read a really good description of it to know for sure. there are 2 main things that make noise in a computer when they die, the hard drive or a fan, and both can cause crashing Here is a tip to figure out which is which. Open the case. Start ( Full Answer )

What is a noise you can make starting with t?

Talk trumpet blast tuba tambourine toot table saw truck engine tornado siren test smoke detector teeth grinding tummy rumbling tongue clicking toe tapping turning on the TV, vacuum cleaner, blender etc.

What would make an automatic car make a weird noise when you start it and change gears eg from park to reverse?

There are many causes, but the first thing to do is to check the transmission fluid level. Check the owner's manual for the procedure...it will tell you whether the transmission must be in "neutral", or "park" (some older cars in "drive"). DANGER--FIRMLY SET THE PARKING BRAKE BEFORE YOU START! 1. St ( Full Answer )

Why does Toshio make that weird cat noise in The Grudge?

It has something to do with the cat the family had. When the father discovered that the wife was in love with another man, he murdered the whole family: first the cat, then the little boy, then the mother, and finally himself. The dad drowned both the cat and the boy in the bathtub, snapped his wife ( Full Answer )

Why does van make grinding noise when starting?

I think that maybe it could be the teeth on the starter or which I hope it's not the teeth on the flywheel of the engine. I guess it could just be the starter which is a cheap fix compared to the flywheel and alot easier to fix !!!!

Why does fuel shutoff switch make noise?

When you disengage your engine's power, the intake has a level of ambient pressure that needs to be released at a rate that does not damage your injectors and maintain current level of air/fuel mix in the entire throttle body. You also are hearing the exaust being released which must stay at a certa ( Full Answer )

Why do cats make weird noises?

It would help if you described the weird noises, but it might be in heat (if female) or smells a cat in heat that it cannot get to (if male). It might also be injured, or annoyed, or simply be trying to attract your attention. I have one cat that, when in heat, makes a noise I can best transcribe ( Full Answer )

Is it weird if your appendix makes noises?

I have to wonder how you so specifically know it's your appendix? The colon for instance curves around that area too and often makes noises and movements transporting feces and gas. You have your intestines pretty much everywhere down there so I doubt it is your appendix since it's empty. Right nea ( Full Answer )

Why is your ferret making weird noises?

"Weird noises" is a pretty non-specific term, but we'll give this our best effort. The vocalization most commonly associated with ferrets has been humanized as "dook". The truth is, this is a poor approximation of the sound, but it isn't an easy sound for humans to imitate. Still, you'll know it ( Full Answer )

How do you make your brother stop making weird noises?

Well, there is 3 ways: . Tell on him (snitch) . Bribe him with $5 . Offer him lemonade and a plain piece of bread That SHOULD get him to be quiet Answer Figure out WHY he is doing it. Maybe he is enjoying your reaction!Earplugs or leaving the room might help.

Why is my mouse making weird noises?

Because there might be a draft so that your mouse will have a cold or the flu. My mouse started making weird noises because she was next to the window.

Does a fuel pump makes noise when its bad?

If it is noisy it for sure has a problem. Replace the fuel filter immediately and if it is still noisy prepare for it to fail. Best to just drive most of the fuel out of the tank and then replace the pump if the tank must be dropped to get to the pump.

Why do cats make weird noises when their back is scratched?

A cat could be making weird noises when the back is being scratchedbecause it does not like it. Another reason could be because thecat does like it. The personality of the cat depends on the reasonthe cat is making the weird noise.