06 BMW 330i How many quarts of oil in the engine?

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How many quarts of oil in a BMW 325i?

Assuming we're talking about an E46, owner's manual says 6.5 quarts. BMW dealer will tell you 7. Reason is that the filter will be holding approximately .5 quart. Best thing t

How do you reset oil change light for 2006 BMW 330i?

The oil change light on a 2006 BMW 330i is reset by turning thekey, pressing the trip button, and then the DC button on the turnindicator. The left scroll button is then used
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How do you reset oil warning light on BMW 330i 2006?

1. First turn the ignition off 2. Press and hold the trip odometer button WHILE turning the key to position 1 3. Keep the button depressed about 5 seconds
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How many quarts of oil for a 06 zx6rr?

i always use 3.75 quarts on mine, no problems at all, be sure and also check your oil level through the sight glass on the side aswell