07 doge charger making a flapping noise when breaking?

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Take it to the dealer as it's still under warranty.
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Why is your 2000 Ford Windstar heater making a flapping noise and blowing cold air?

Answer . there is a actuator that moves the tempature blend door,the door that controls hot to cold.the gears in the motor are plastic.is it makes a clicking noise after you turn the heater on ,it broke. answer a flapping sound is usually caused by a leaf or other matter falling down thru vents (MORE)

Your car makes terrible noises when you have your foot on the break as soon as it's put in park the noise stops and a mechanic said it was the Supercharger and that it would cost 3000.00 to replace.?

Yes indeed it is very expensive for tyhe repair of a supercharger however you may still drive your car around without that belt being attached.. Additional anwer:. If you supercharger has oil then it is unlikely the culprit. I went through all this before and it ended up being the rubber isolator (MORE)

2002 Jetta and it makes squeaky noises most of the time and I do not know what it is because I just recently got new breaks and the noises sound totally different what could it be?

Honda Man's Answer . Determine when the squeaky noise is present. If it makes the noise only when the brakes are apllied then it probably is the brakes, machining the rotors may be necessary (if brake pads were installed but rotors not turned/machined). If it only makes noise over bumps then it c (MORE)

How do you install a stereo in a 07 dodge charger?

If you're just swapping head units, it should be pretty easy (assuming the new one either has the same plugin). Pull the plastic part off of the middle of the dash (start in the top vents and work your way down the sides). The radio is held in by screws on each corner, pull them out and the radio sh (MORE)

When you break the break peddle shakes makes a funny noise and takes longer to stop what could it be?

that means that the break rotors have worn a groove an when you press on your break the pad is not hitting a flat surfice wich causes the peddle to shake an the reason it takes longer to pull up is cause the pad is not clamping the full surfice of the rotor due to it worn run your finger along the r (MORE)

What is a doge?

The "meme" for the word doge is a play on the similar word"doggie." A doge was an official, an elected chief lord, notably inItalian city-states from the 11th to 16th century, as in the"crowned republics" of Venice and Genoa.

What is the loud noise when breaking?

Probably the brake pads. These squeal loudly to warn the driver of impending pad erosion and urgent replacement of the same. If you continue without replacing them the squeal will get louder and eventually the brake disc (or rotor) will get damaged.

Why does my 2007 camrys 's breaks make noise?

There are a lot of reasons. And of them is you have to change brakes pads. Of course it can be something else but the car is too new to have major problems with it. PS: If you have "sticky" brakes you need to check brakes calipers as soon as possible.

How do you attach a playing card to your bike wheel so it flaps against the spokes and makes a loud noise?

When I was a child we used one of the clothes-pegs from the washing line. Then we folded the card around one of the struts of the back fork, and clipped it in place with the peg, so that it hit the spkes. You need something with a lot of tension, so that the card doesn't fly off when the wheel hi (MORE)

Window dont work 07 charger?

If electric check the door switches to see that the wires are all hooked up and tight and if they are you might have a bad window motor, take it in for warranty work as that should be covered.

Does an alternator make noise before it breaks?

If it is a "physical" failure, it'll likely be the bearings that give out - and most times, most bearings will start making a groaning or humming type sound. If the failure is electrical in nature, it is common for there to be no sounds or symptoms like that to give you fair warning. Low volta (MORE)

Why would your car make a grinding noise when you start breaking?

Might need new break pads *** The grinding indicates that the brake pads are gone and you are using metal to stop your wheels. If the brake pads are not replaced you will ruin your hubs.. Not to be nasty, but "breaking" usually means to, at least partly, destroy something. If mechanical things "bre (MORE)

What is flaps?

Flaps are metal, slat-like things that lower on a 90 o Angle that are used to slow a plane down on approach to a runways, but a raised in flight.

What happens if your phone charger breaks?

it won't work,so buy a new one!. Check first if its still under warranty to replace it.. true, i odn't know anything about phones so yeah just ignore the first answer!

Why does your car make a strange flapping noise?

My 1997 VW Golf 1.9L Diesel started making a strange flapping noise when i accelerate and decelerate, like when you drive fast with a puncture. She has also started to screech when turning left, even slightly but only sometimes, I think this problem is due to a worn CV joint. Could these be related? (MORE)

Why is your f150 making noise when you break?

The real question is what kind of noise is it making when you brake. A pulsing type of noise could possibly just be the anti lock brakes working which would be more noticalbe in slippery conditions. A high pitched squealing type noise is probably the brake pads indicating the pads are in need o (MORE)

Car making griding noise at breaking?

That's a pretty good sign that your break pads have completely worn down, and now you've got metal to metal contact. take your car to one of those quickie brake shops, post-haste.

Your car makes a low humming noise when breaking?

Rotate the tires and check the wear on the pads when you do. Clean the whole area once its open with a good cleaner and wash it down good. If all the pads are good and the rotation of the tires doesnt help try and isolate the side its on. Check the rotor and put in a break quiet, then recheck. If th (MORE)

Why do shoes make noise annoying noise?

actually, it all depends on the context of the person. isuppose i am in office then definitely i would like the peace in my office. but obviously shoes make noise. but the person who is putting the shoes he must have to hold hios feet slowly as the person standing before you may not feel any dipresi (MORE)

What does it mean when the break pedal makes noise?

Well, if you're driving really fast when this happens, you've come to the right place. See, if your car is going fast and then you suddenly push the break pedal, it's like telling you that you must slow down your car before you can push it. Let's take one scene of the movie "Meet the Parents" (MORE)

What noises can make your ear hairs break?

The sound of an F22 fighter jet buzz by at just over 2000 miles per hour..... faster than an ak47 being shot. As the jet flys by you the sound from the speed barrier being broken can cause your ear hair to break

Why does my 07 Toyota Camry makes a rattling noise under your hood?

Hi, I had the same problem and solved it. Untie the front wheel on the passenger side, you will find the rotor protection shield hanging and hitting against the wheels when the car running, and causing this rattling sound. Remove this shield or replace it, and the sound will disappear

How does a doves wing make a sound when flapping?

A dove produces a sound when flapping while flying. This occurs due to various gaps and spaces between its wings. As it flaps its wing in a fast motion, the air passes through them creating a whitsle like sound.

What was the doge?

A doge was an official, an elected chief lord, notably inItalian city-states from the 11th to 16th century, as in the"crowned republics" of Venice and Genoa.