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Where can you download nana2 the movie with eng subs?

I love to watch movies on the net. In the past, I have had some crappy downloads I accidentally came across this website that gives DVD quality downloads. Theres no viruses plus I highly recommend it. Not to mention it's LEGAL http://www.yappadoodle.com/pages/MOVIES.htm FAQ Search Member (MORE)

Where can you find Detective Conan episode 20 in eglish with no sub?

If you search up Case Closed episode 20, it should come up, but here's a link anyways to each part: Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jks7vRW1Avw Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4syUxodiGk&feature=related Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4syUxodiGk&feature=related

Where can you watch Shaw Brothers' the Love Eterne online with eng subs?

After reading this movie in the NY Times, I also wanted to find this film on-line. The difficulty we are having is that the film title is known as "Butterfly Lovers" in other countries. Using this title, I was able to find this excerpt on You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hArtn4SW9Wk I (MORE)

Eng sub Naruto Shippuden movie 2?

Not Yet should be this or next week. Although I don't know if Dattebayo will even subb it cuz they dropped naruto hopefully they do it cuz they are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the scariest episode of ghost hunters?

Well, if i'm talking about the right Ghost Hunters, I would say the episode of the Bloodiest 75 acres. I think its called that. Anyways, its a creepy prison that he Hunters are going in. I could'nt sleep the night i watched it!

When will mar episode 91 subbed come out?

i don't know when mar episode 91 will come out but you can check anilinkz.com cuz they have alot of episodes and all subbed. don't worry cuz I'm waiting for that episode too. mar is freakin awesome!

Is the 07 ghost manga the same as the anime?

I've actually never seen 07 Ghost but I'm pretty positive my answer is correct. You'll never find a manga and anime that are the same. Sure, they'll have the same name, but either the anime has extra scenes (called fillers) or the manga adds extra scenes (because of the ability to add more violence (MORE)

Is naruto Shippuden movie out with eng sub?

If you mean 'Naruto Shippuuden: Bonds' then yeah, it's out subbed already, here's one link for it if you need it: http://labs.animecrazy.net/naruto-shippuden-movie-bonds-episode-1/ . Enjoy it, it's a great movie! :) . Well hey Naruto Shippuden Bonds is the second movie i think he/she means the fir (MORE)

What is the scariest episode of ghost adventures?

Goldfield in Nevada Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, Texas Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California

Where you download naruto shippuden movie 3 eng sub?

Well if you want them free with no downloads go to www.youranimenow.com you can see all movies except inheritors of the will of fire but you can see bonds just go there click on Naruto and there you have it free non downloadable movies

Were can i watch attacker you eng subbed?

I could not found any Attacker You subbed, I think there is not subtitle for this animation. maybe you can found it in Dutch , Italian , Spanish or French language. However, I didn't see this animation in any language other than Japanese. if you found it in english subbed or dubbed please let me k (MORE)

Where to watch naruto Shippuden eng sub?

You can go to naruto.com and all episodes are updated every week, but Disney XD shows Naruto Shippuden almost everyday, you can also buy episodes off of Itunes, yeah I know alot to chose from!

U-kiss chef's kiss eng sub?

i think they're going to sub it.. we just have to wait.. because of their busy sched. nowadays.. i think rocketboxx is the one subbing their variety shows.. like u-kiss vampire.. as for now, i think the easiest thing to do is wait.. or u can try to learn korean.. it would be easier.. u can understan (MORE)

What was the last episode of ghost whisperer?

The last episode is in season 5 and episode 22 called '' The Children's Parade" It went on television May 12, 2010. If you missed it you can go on sidereel.com and search ghost whisperer and either buy it on itunes or go to more links and watch it online.

Where can you find ojamajo doremi motto episodes 41-50 with eng sub?

you can lovely anime for it . but it doesn't have all episodes of motto ojamajo doremi.it has only episode 41 and 42.but it has the maximum episodes . you can also try veoh but first you have to download veoh web player otherwise you can only watch 5 minutes of it. there are many websites but mostly (MORE)

When is Naruto Shippuden Episode 223 Eng Dub coming out?

It will take some time for the series to dub over the the most recent episodes; however, i don't believe episode 223 has even come out in America or on the Internet! it should be coming out later this week at the website below.

What are the names of the 07-ghost?

Sichel / Zehel - 斬魂 "the cutting spirit" (Frau; the Ghost who severs bonds, especially one's ties to misfortune) Feist - 繋魂 "The Tying Spirit" (Castor; the Ghost who binds souls together) Profe - 言魂 "The Speaking Spirit" (Labrador; the Ghost who prophesies) Rilect - é (MORE)

Where can you buy the french anime wakfu on DVD eng sub?

you can't but i have read that they are makeing a english dub i would love to support the show by buying the dvd, but there are no subtiles on english. i mean 4chan had that translated with-in a day of the release of each episode