08 proto matrix rail paintball marker or proto matrix slg ultralite or spider vs3?

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Proto SLG all the way. Stay away from the spyders.
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What is a matrix?

A matrix is an array of numbers in brackets that contain rows (horizontal) and columns (vertical).. If there are n rows and m columns, we say the matrix is nxm.. Matrices can contain things other than numbers, such as polynomials. Furthermore, those with numbers may contain real or complex numbers ( Full Answer )

What is the matrix?

Mathematics: A two dimensional grid of numbers. Biology: The matrix is a part near the origin of your toe or fingernail where the nail grows from. Movie: The Matrix is the world that has blinded you from the truth. The Matrix is control.

What is proto nationalism?

its denote the attempt of securing participation in political and contitutional set up in their counties.

What is proto Luke?

Proto-Luke is a hypothetical document that may have been the main source for the gospel writers. Modelled on the Elihja-Elisha narrative of 1 and 2 Kings it is an alternative theory to the Q hypothesis. Proto-Luke has been reconstructed by Dr Tom Brodie (Dominican Biblical Institute, Limerick, Irela ( Full Answer )

How do the eyes work on a 2008 Proto SLG paintball marker?

The eyes on a Paintball marker work by sending a visible or invisible beam of light from one side of the breach to the other, usually near the bottom of the breach. When the light is disrupted, by the next ball dropping in, the circuit board and firing processes are allowed to begin, if the beam is ( Full Answer )

What is a proto Oncogene?

It is a normal gene with the ability to cause cancer within cells if mutated.

What is Matrixism?

Matrixism is a religion based on the movie The Matrix , the writings of Aldous Huxley and the Baha'i Faith. Matrixism is also referred to as The path of the One.

What is meant by proto-industiralisation?

Proto-industrialization is a phase in the modern industrialeconomics that paved way to proper industrialization. The periodwas characterized by the spread of domestic manufacturing thatlinked people to international markets.

Summary of the proto renaissance era?

Proto-Renaissance . The Renaissance begins in the early 1300s. Some people call this period "Late Gothic" - which just means the late Middle Ages, while other people call it the "Proto-Renaissance" - the beginnings of the Renaissance.. In any case, a big revolution is beginning to take place in ( Full Answer )

What is proto sample?

To see ur product quality buyer want it and if buyer satisfy with its quality then buyer want salesman samples. Hope its ok

What is proto industrialisation?

even before factories began to be widespread in England and Europe, there was a large scale industrial production for international market. This was not based on factories. many historians now refer this phase of industrialisation as proto industrialisation.

What is the difference between rail and slg proto paintball guns?

The rail comes with a two piece barrel and has some slight changes, such as a new Feedneck, ASA (On/Off), Different Bolt, Ultralight Frame, and an aluminum body.\n. \nThe SLG has a bit older parts, and has a type of plastic for the body.\n. \nThis makes the pricing about 200 different between the ( Full Answer )

What is a proto amphibian?

A proto-amphibian is an organism that is like, probaly half fish & half amphibian. They appeared in the late Silurian, the time when the fish with jaws evolved legs.

What is the matrix about?

the matrix is the theory that the world as we know it today is really a computer program created by the "machine overlords of the future". it is believed to be used to keep humans under control so they have no possible way to rebel and regain control

What would be a better paintball gun the proto slg or the smart parts ion xe?

both are very good markers. The interiors are very similar. Both are spool valves. Though the proto slg will be slightly lighter then the ion xe, and have a different feel. Though on the flip side, an Ion XE has an immense amount of upgrades ranging from a simple trigger to a new board. Basically, i ( Full Answer )

Does the proto slg operate on CO2?

A proto slg can use CO2 or HPA. I contacted DYE tech support because their website says it can, but the manual says no. Their reply was "All SLG's are able to be used on CO2. Only being able to use High Pressure Air is a misprint in the manual. It might have been copy and pasted from our other manua ( Full Answer )

Are we are in the matrix?

No, the idea of the Matrix creates an intriguing conversation, but entirely fictional. Though it is a scary thought thinking that the Earth we know is a fake.

What is the difference between Proto and Dye Markers?

They are basically the same company just different names. Their products are nearly identical. There is even some speciaulation as to Proto discontinuing the PM8 because Dye wanted to use that is "new" technology for their guns

Who is Ugo Francesco Maria Proto?

He is a nobleman from the Maria-Proto family in Sicily. The family first served as a Proto (Provost) or chief magistrate within Southern Italy, of which its honorific became a permanent attachment to the family's original surname Maria . The Maria-Proto family served as the barons of government ( Full Answer )

What is a proto-romantic?

In, Proto-Romantic usually refers to the generation of musicians between the Classical era (Mozart, Haydn) and the Romantic Era (Schumann, Mendelssohn). Some Proto-romantic composers are Czerny and Hummel. Chopin and Beethoven both fit the time period, but no one typically calls them by that term be ( Full Answer )

How often Do you need to oil a proto rail?

just like any gun you should oil it befor and after use if it's sitting like all winter oil it and take it out in your back yard every month or so. DO NOT oil a PMR it will be bad news, the PMR needs paintball grease (DOW33 to be specific) you need to take the bolt assembly out and put a small amou ( Full Answer )

Who are Proto-peasants?

If you are asking about this in the middle ages there weren't any. This doesn't happen until after 1650 well after the middle ages and is people working at home to produce goods for an industry. The wool industry and cloth making had a lot of people working like this in this area.

What does Proto-oncogenes regulate?

Proto-Oncogenes have many functions in a cell but they often code for proteins that stimulate cell division, prevent cell differentiation or regulate programmed cell death (apoptosis). For more detailed info see www.news-medical.net/health/What-are-Proto-Oncogenes.aspx for complete article by Sally ( Full Answer )

How does the Proto 2 Piece compare to the Dye Ultralite?

They are very similar (as Dye owns Proto), but the Dye UL is much lighter and offers slightly better accuracy. accuracy is determined by paint to bore match and paint quality, depending on the paint you use the proto could very well be more accurate, as for the two barrels the UL is not much light ( Full Answer )

Which batsman use protos bat?

Protos bats are used by Amit Mishra, VVS Laxman in Indian team. Also the manufacturers of protos brand www.fcssport.com is the prime manufacturers for many brands like Kookkabura, Puma etc...

How do you get proto on AQW?

If u mean that class, so go to "Crash Site(Dwakel)" and kill the boss with laser security. kkiilleerr1997/freind helper =P

You have a Sp vibe and you were thinking about an proto slg basic instead what should you do?

If you are thinking about getting a better gun because you have been playing for a while (which is what i am guessing) then go with the proto slg and sell the vibe. The proto slg is a good gun for the price and has all the modes you would need on it and is pretty accurate. Another good gun that is a ( Full Answer )

What do Proto-oncogenes regulate?

Proto-oncogenes stop cells dividing too often. When a mutation occurs to proto-oncogenes this is when cancer can occur, as there is then no hay-flick limit (normally cells have a limit to how many times then can divide) cells are able to replicate uncontrollably.

Dangerous power g4 or proto slg?

DP G4 is definetly the way to go. The proto slg can't shoot as fast, isn't as light, and has way too many problems. The G3 was an amazing gun and all they did with the g4 is fixed the few knicks with it and the G3 was a better gun than the SLG. Plus if you ever do have a problem with the G4 the cust ( Full Answer )

Is a basic proto slg 09 a high pressure gun?

It can be run on any pressure. Only low end mechanical guns "must" be high pressure, and only certain Angle markers "must" be run on low pressure.

How does a proto-oncogene differ from an oncogene?

Compare with a virus: dormant to active, potential to kinetic, potent(ial) to actual. The proto-oncogene may become a cancer-causing oncogene only under very specific conditions and may, under other conditions, just as well lay dormant.

What is the term proto industrialization?

Proto industrialization occurred in Europe after 1650. It was basically a time period before the Industrial Revolution, when the machines were not used at all. People during the time, mostly artisans and peasants , produced things at home, (household production) and the merchants controlled the sys ( Full Answer )

What is proto plasma?

Protoplasm is the substance of the living cell of a plant or animal. It includes the nucleus and the cytoplasm (the protoplasm that surrounds the nucleus). Protoplasm is a translucent semi-liquid that contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, and other molecules in water.

Is the sun a proto star?

No our Sun is a fully formed Star. A Protostar is gas that is still acreeting matter (still collecting via gravtaional rotation) to form a star. And as a result they are not very bright as they have not condensed enough to start Nuclear Fusion.

Is proto goblin in the amazing Spider-Man?

Apparently Irfan Khan who plays Dr Ratha in the film was originally supposed to be set up to be the proto goblin but the studios scrapped this idea at the last minute which is why Dr Ratha is randomly missing from the movie after the Spiderman and Lizard fight on the bridge. So that concept might be ( Full Answer )

What does proto and deutero?

Protostome means the blastopore becomes the mouth during embryonic development, and deuterostome, the anus. We're deuterostomes.

What is Proto evangelion?

It is a Greek compound term. 'Proto' meaning 'first' and 'evangelion' meaning 'gospel'. In essence, it means 'first gospel'. The Protoevangel ion is another term for the Book of James. The Protoevangel ium refers to Genesis 3:15.