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no only radio code affected

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Q: 1.6 petrol Renault scenic and you want to change the battery Is this a quick swap or will it affect anything when disconnected like immobilizer or key fob?
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Why does your Renault kangoo immobilizer light keeps flashing and will not start?

The key is faulty or the immobilizer will not accept the code. remove the battery for 30 mins to allow the system to reset.

How do you reset a viper immobilizer?

To reset a viper immobilizer, disconnect the negative terminal which is connected to the battery and keep it disconnected. After several minutes, reconnect the system and your system should reset.

Can you override your immobilizer on a Renault scenic?

yes, you have two run a wire from the ignition where the lights are and connect it two the battery, this will power it with out the emobiliser acting as the switch...

Disconnected the battery on my Renault grand espace now the radio does not work?

fuse has proberbly blown on top of the radio unit under the drivers seat

Will a airbag go off if your battery is disconnected?

No an airbag will not deploy if the battery is disconnected

Disconnected battery car will not start?

Correct, a car will not start with a disconnected battery

After changing alternator how do you reset 98 gtp engine?

You do not have to reset anything. but you should have the battery disconnected. and once you reconnect the battery it will reset your computer.

What is the alternator output voltage on a Renault laguna 1.9dci?

Most alternators domestic and foreign tend to run about 14.0V to 14.5V. Anything over that boils the battery and anything under that will undercharge the battery.

When turning over over ford escort the immobilizer is staying on and it wont start?

i had the same problem with mine i told a friend about it and he told me to try disconnected the battery for a couple of seconds i reconnected it hey presto it worked.

What to do when car obd2 on dodge 2.7 liter shows p1684. and how to fix it?

P1684 is battery disconnected in the last 50 starts.Check battery cables.P1684 is battery disconnected in the last 50 starts.Check battery cables.

Overrode the immobilizer of Renault Megan Hatchback 1998 now lights indicators rear window heater dash door lock and wipers not working Red light for the immobilizer also not on Flash lights are ok?

I've been told by a Renault machanic that this problem is caused by a control unit behind the interior fuse box known among Renault people as an UC bic. This must be done by a Renault garage as the unit is coded. However a friend of mine took out the battery and cleaned the fuses and surrounds which were in behind and all electrics worked again!

Where is battery located on Renault Master?

The battery of a Renault Master Van sits underneath a cover in the cab floor.

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