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This question cannot be answered. It is the thickness of the thread that matters, not the length.

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Q: 1000 m spool of thread is what stitch count?
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What different between 250 and 1000 thread count cotton?

The easy answer is 750. Thread count indicates the number of threads counted in one square inch of the fabric. 250 thread count fabric will be woven looser and feel rough to the touch in comparison to 1000 thread count fabric. Another difference is price. The higher the thread count the higher the price. According to Consumer Reports, anything over 400 thread count is a waste of money.

Where can one buy 1000 thread count sheets?

You can buy 1000 thread count sheets online from stores such as Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can also find these sheets from retailers such as Amazon and Overstock.

Is 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets better than 600 thread prima and sateen sheets?

Actually, we have all gotten too obsessed with thread count. If your thread count is too high the fabric won't breathe and will be very uncomfortable winter and summer. That being said, Egyptian cotton is generally recognized as being superior to any other, due to the length of the cotton fibers. So, yes, 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton is superior to 600 thread county pima or sateen--as is 600 thread count Egyptian cotton.

What is the thread count of high quality blankets?

If you are referring to a duvet cover or comforter 1000 or better.

What are the best Egyptian cotton sheets to purchase?

you are definitely looking for 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.. 1000 thread count sheets are a high quality sheet IF they are 100% Egyptian cotton and are single ply. Currently sellers can call their sheets Egyptian cotton even if they have only 1% Egyptian cotton... you need to make sure they say 100%. Also sellers can stick two 500 thread count sheets together and call that 1000 thread count. Also, it depends on what you mean by "best." 1000 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton single ply sheets will be extremely durable and will last for years, but they will not necessarily be the softest you can get. The fibers are too close together for them to relax. For SOFT sheets, 300-500 TC is probably better.

Is there really a difference between 500 thread count sheets and 1000 thread count sheets aside from the crazy price jump?

There is not realy a diference between 500 and 100 thread sheets. Anything above 400 is due to counting two-ply threads as 2 threads.

Where can one buy 1000 count sheets for a bed?

Thousand thread count sheet sets can be purchased from many different retail outlets. Bed, Bath & Beyond, Southern Living, and Linen Place are just a few places these items.

How long does it take to count to a thousand?

It depends how fast you count; if you count one number each second it is 1000 seconds; if you count very fast, like 4 numbers per second, you can count to 1000 in about 4 minutes

Is 1200 thread count better than 1000?

it just means that there are 200 more threads in a given area and it is supposedly better but i can't tell the difference. in my opinion, anything 800 or over is exceptional. Answer two: It depends on what they are using for a count. Sometime the thread count refers to the number of threads woven per inch, and sometime it refers to the number of threads that are in each bundle. When you take three or four plies of thread, which means three or four threads wrapped together, you can increase the number of threads per inch with out actually making a better, softer product.

How much does 1000 feet of RG6 coax cable weigh?

It depends on the quality of the cable (how much copper it has) and the gauge of the wire. The most common type of gauge is 18 AWG. Also, the weight depends on the type of packaging - wooden spools are the most common. An 1000' spool of 18 AWG coax on a wooden spool weighs 38.6 pounds.

What happens when your stopwatch reaches 1000 hours?

Your stopwatch can't count on any longer after it reaches 1000 hours.

What is the maximum length of silk thread that can be obtained from a cocoon?

it is about 300-900meters {1000-3000 feet}long

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