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i dont think so...because there may be a imbalance harmounal go for an option like check yourself using pregnancy test which is available at retail shops..check with it..if the test is negative.. wait for another 2 days and go to doctor.if the test is positive then its fine...


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maybe your pregnant, maybe your period cycle is changing

At least 10-12 days after ovulation. It is best to wait until your missed period to get an accurate result. I tested with the early pregnancy test (5 days before missed period) and I got a negative. Then I took a test 3 days after my late period and got a positive.

i would take another home pregnancy test just in case, but since you took it 10 days late it should be pretty accurate, if your not pregnant what i am thinking for about your period being late is that your stressing out, stress can prevent your period, so just calm down and wai things out, and maybe it would be a good idea to make adoctors appointment

Yes. Sometimes a pregnancy test cant detect it that early but you could still be!!

It could be possibility, wait another 10 days if no period take the pregnancy test again

Yes, because blood tests detect pregnancy earlier than urine tests do.

If your 10 days late for your period you counld certainly take the pregnancy test now. most test will give a accurate reading even a couple of days after your missed period. if in fact the test came back positive, only ten day after the missed period you wouldn't be showing yet.

pink spotting is a pregnancy sign you could be well pregnant its called Implantation bleeding

To get the most accurate result it is best to wait 5 to 10 days after a missed period. You can test with a 5 days before your missed period test BUT remember if it comes out negative, it could be a false negative and will want to test again once your period is late.

I would probably wait about 7-10 days then take a home pregnancy test, just in case.

when ever you have bleeding like that and have clotting (the uterine lining) that is a sign you are not pregnant, or a sign you pregnancy is not going well go see a doctor

There is no way. You had the chance of the morning after pill up to 120 hours after sex but now it's too late to prevent pregnancy. If you are pregnant you have the choice of keeping it, adoption or abortion.

My period is 10days late and I also took Cipro for 10 days. I tested pregnancy and it was negative, so only thing different was my urinal infection and taking cipro.

Normally you can take them the day after a missed period (some even 5 days before a missed period) but I have heard unless you wait 10 days after a missed period you could get a false negative. I would say wait a few more days, then test again. Also, it culd be that you have ovulated late, or if you are under stress or poor eating habits can also make you late.

10 to 14 days after the first day of your period.

you could be, especially considering how late you are. I would get a pregnancy test just to be sure, and maybe stop smoking until you are certain that your not.

You will have to weigh it up for yourself. Are you usually late? How light is your current period - is there actual blood or is it just staining? Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms - breast tenderness? Nausea? Is there a chance you are pregnant? Have you recently had intercourse without protection? For piece of mind, take a pregnancy test. They are about $10 from a pharmacy and will be able to tell you for sure.

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