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119 degrees Fahrenheit is 48.33 degrees Celsius.

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What city is at 31 degrees north and 119 degrees east?

That's east of Xuancheng, China, is at 31 degrees north and 119 degrees east.

How many hours are in 119 hours?

There are 119 hours in 119 hours.

119 kms is how many miles?

119 km = 119/1.609344 miles = 73.9 miles

How many pisos for 119 American dollars?

how many pesos for 119 American dollars

How many kilos are in 119 pounds?

119 pounds = 53.98 kilograms.

How many pounds is 119 stone?

119 stone = 1,666 pounds.

How many ounces in 119 grams?

119 grams = 4.2 ounces.

How many ounces is 119 grams?

119 grams = 4.2 ounces.

How many meters are in 119 feet?

119 feet is 36.27 meters.

How many dozens in 119 cakes?

well divide 119 by 12.

How many inches is 119 millimeters?

119 millimeters = 4.69 inches

How many stones in 119 kilos?

119 kilograms = 18.7392923 stones

How many kg are in 119 g?

There are 0.119 kg in 119 g.

How many chapters in the bible does Pslam 119 have?

Psalm 119 is the chapter itself. So to answer your question, Psalm 119 has one chapter. In case you may be asking how many verses are in Psalm 119, there are 176 verses.

Is a satellite at 110 degrees West higher in the sky than a satellite at 119 Degrees West?

It depends upon where you are in relation to the satellites. If you are east of the 110 satellite, then yes the 110 appears higher than the 119. If you are west of 119 then it would appear higher than the 110. If you are in between them, the closer one will appear higher.

How many inches in 119 centimeters?

119 cm = 46.9 inches, approx.

What city is located 35 degrees north latitude and 119 degrees west longitude?

It actually puts you just south of Bakersfield, California.

How many ounces is 119 milliliter?

119 ml = 4.02 US fluid ounces.

119 inches equals how many yards?

119 inches equates to 3.3 yards.

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