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When did Carmen Leggio die?

Carmen Leggio died in 2009.

When was David Leggio born?

David Leggio was born on 1984-07-31.

How tall is Jerry Leggio?

Jerry Leggio is 5' 10 1/2".

When was Luciano Leggio born?

Luciano Leggio was born on 1925-01-06.

When did Luciano Leggio die?

Luciano Leggio died on 1993-11-16.

When was Jerry Leggio born?

Jerry Leggio was born on September 23, 1935, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

What has the author Giuseppe Leggio written?

Giuseppe Leggio has written: 'Ibla Erea' -- subject(s): Antiquities, History

What movie and television projects has Massimo Leggio been in?

Massimo Leggio has: Performed in "Il commissario Montalbano" in 1999. Played Worker in "Just be safe" in 2003. Performed in "La vita rubata" in 2008. Performed in "Edda Ciano e il comunista" in 2011. Played Killer in "The Wait" in 2014.

What actors and actresses appeared in Just be safe - 2003?

The cast of Just be safe - 2003 includes: Massimo Leggio as Worker

What actors and actresses appeared in Delivery - 2003?

The cast of Delivery - 2003 includes: Coki Debernardi Natalia Leggio Paula Ominetti Miranda Postiglione Carlos Resta

What actors and actresses appeared in Tremendo amanecer - 2004?

The cast of Tremendo amanecer - 2004 includes: Coki Debernardi as Dante David Edery as El forense Gabriel Goity as Homero Natalia Leggio as Raquel

What actors and actresses appeared in Miami - 2004?

The cast of Miami - 2004 includes: Daniel Briguet as himself Carlos Coca Jaquelina Delle Ville Natalia Leggio Diego Lerer as himself Gustavo Postiglione Carlos Resta

What actors and actresses appeared in The Detestables - 2012?

The cast of The Detestables - 2012 includes: Katie Bavoso as Magazine Model Joshua Butt as Frankie Jr. Mike Leggio as The Ref Joseph Leming as Boxer Joe Ryan McLelland as Jefferson Thomas Ken Napier as Boxer Joe Fan Erich Petersen as The Miracle Man John Voltarelli as The Shark

What actors and actresses appeared in Waking the Foal - 2010?

The cast of Waking the Foal - 2010 includes: Gabrielle Brygider as Dr. Farlo Tim Intravia as Vincent Rielin Beth Johnson Nicely as Donna Westly Mary Leggio as Andrea Rielin Michael McSweeny as Medical Intern Frank Schiavone as Kent Dowen Vivi Vu as Nurse Julia Yarwood as Claire Sheryl

What actors and actresses appeared in No Good Deed - 2011?

The cast of No Good Deed - 2011 includes: Mark Arnold as Peter Dalit Berkowitz as Karen Tristin Daley as Nurse Aidan Hall as Alex Stephen Hensel as Casey Scott Jacqueline Hickel as Cassie Ken Jubie as Killer Kacey Leggio as Megan Megan McNulty as Alicia Jacqueline Mueller as Cassie Travis Quentin Young as Nick Olivier Tramino as Paul

What actors and actresses appeared in El paradigma Brandazza - 2008?

The cast of El paradigma Brandazza - 2008 includes: Lorenza Cancela de Brandazza as herself Antonio Lattuca as himself Natalia Leggio Juan Lucero as himself Juan Manuel Raimondi Hugo Milito as himself Roberto Moyano Francisco Pavanetto Domingo Pochettino as himself Mariano Raimondi Carlos Resta Marcela Ruiz Pablo Theyler Eduardo Vercelli Graciela Yamasiro as herself

What actors and actresses appeared in La-308 - 2009?

The cast of La-308 - 2009 includes: Andre Chapoy as Nacho Jason Furrate as Major Talbot Ray Gaspard as Big Bob Joe Hartlaub as Tuna Scott Innes as Scott Bannister Patrick Kilshaw as Boy Paul Jerry Leggio as Deacon Damon Lipari as Paul Matthews Jeff Routier as T-Joe Douglas Smoot as Colonel Smoot Lisa Wilde as Camille

What actors and actresses appeared in The Wait - 2014?

The cast of The Wait - 2014 includes: Stephen Badalamenti as Johnny Vescovo Luca Barreca as Angelo Antonio Catania Massimo Leggio as Killer Alfredo Li Bassi as Killer Luca Lionello as Tony Torre Luigi Maria Burruano as Vincent Cavallo Rosaria Russo as Lucia Lucia Sardo as Concetta, the landlady Gianmarco Tognazzi as Beretta the Victim Franco Vella as Killer Vincenzo Volo as Don Agatino - the taxi driver

What actors and actresses appeared in Il mistero di Lovecraft - Road to L. - 2005?

The cast of Il mistero di Lovecraft - Road to L. - 2005 includes: Eraldo Baldini Alfredo Castelli Donatella Ceccarello Chiara Crepaldi Rob David as David Gianfranco de Turris Sebastiano Fusco Federico Greco as Italian director Fabrizio La Palombara as Camera Roberto Leggio as Italian director Carlo Lucarelli Fausto Maria Sciarappa as Fausto Simonetta Solder as Simonetta Gianni Sparapan

What actors and actresses appeared in Edda Ciano e il comunista - 2011?

The cast of Edda Ciano e il comunista - 2011 includes: Alessandro Agnello Gaetano Aronica as Marcellini Giovanni Calcagno Domenico Centamore Adriano Chiaramida as Don Eduardo Federica De Cola as Annetta Massimo Leggio Mimmo Mignemi Ilaria Occhini as Donna Rachele Daniele Perrone Alessandro Preziosi as Leonida Bongiorno Stefania Rocca as Edda Ciano Dajana Roncione as Angelina Emanuele Salce Alessio Vassallo as Vittorio

What actors and actresses appeared in Old Man - 1997?

The cast of Old Man - 1997 includes: Michael Arata as Adjunct Steve Broussard as Cajun French Voiceover Leo Burmester as Plump Convict Ed Grady as Boat Doctor Lara Grice as Red Cross Worker Arliss Howard as J.J. Taylor Danny Kamin as Boat Captain Daro Latiolais as Cajun Man Jerry Leggio as Warden Ray McKinnon as Shanty Man with Gun Ritchie Montgomery as Deputy Horace Trahan as Singer on Boat Jeanne Tripplehorn as Addie Rebecca Brice Jamie Wax as The Green Lieutenant

What actors and actresses appeared in Malpractice - 2001?

The cast of Malpractice - 2001 includes: Michael Arata as Doug Adriana Bate as Victoria Litany Boudreaux as Abigail Gabrielle Carteris as Ellen Robertson Arianna Elizabeth Rivera as Jolene Ron Flagge as Dr. Lacey Markus Flanagan as Ken Garrett Don Hood as George Jerry Leggio as Ackerman Dixie Louviere as Business Woman John McConnell as Walter Linda Mintz as Judge Timmons Ritchie Montgomery as Bradley Taylor Simpson as Mother Deneen Tyler as Nurse Evers Stephanie Zimbalist as Beth Garrett Marion Zinser as Ina

What actors and actresses appeared in The Deadly Tower - 1975?

The cast of The Deadly Tower - 1975 includes: Ned Beatty as Allan Crum Paul Carr as C.T. Foss Maria Elena Cordero as Vinni Martinez John Forsythe as Lt. Elwood Forbes Don Hood as Dan Wallace Clifton James as Captain Fred Ambrose Jerry Leggio as Mr. Valchex Roger Manning as Officer Kib Pernell Roberts as Lieutenant Lee Gilbert Roland as Narrator Kurt Russell as Charles Whitman Pepe Serna as Mano Alan Vint as Tim Davis Richard Yniguez as Ramiro Martinez

What actors and actresses appeared in Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus - 1978?

The cast of Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus - 1978 includes: Maud Adams as Vikki Lee Sanchez James Bond III as Jesse William Daniels as Lawrence Stepwell III Brother Dave Gardner as Reverent Garnett Constance Forslund as Julie Hunsacker Burton Gilliam as Half-Moon Muldoon Keath Graham as Guy in stands Rick Hurst as Timothy Stepwell Sylvia Kuumba Williams as Mrs. Drakel Jerry Leggio as Businessman Jean Mayre as Lady Tom McFadden as Alfie Stafford Morgan as Customer bar Charles Napier as Big Bob Johnson Robert Stoneman as W.G. Blazer Clay Tanner as Earl

What actors and actresses appeared in Torn Apart - 2004?

The cast of Torn Apart - 2004 includes: Michael Arata as Bingham Pauline Boudreaux as College Spectator Richard Burgi as Billy Westin Zachary Canon as Scott Seaun Carlo as Crowd Guy Tia Carrere as Vicki Westin Andrea Frankle as Alice Raymond Zoe Gaffin as Jordan Westin Lara Grice as Cindy Matthew Henerson as Lou Crenshaw Jerry Lee Leighton as Foreman Jerry Leggio as Hastings Marcus Lyle Brown as Security Ann Mahoney as Nurse John McConnell as Detective Anthony Michael Frederick as Forbes Dale Midkiff as Jerry Bender Stephen Occhipinti as Crime Scene Investigator Maria Quinones as Laura Tom Raley as Cop Dane Rhodes as Rent-a cop Ramona Tyler as Janie