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12.94966 kilometers per liter equals 36.58 miles per Canadian gallon.

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Q: 12.94966 kilometers per liter equals how many miles per Canadian gallon?
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1 us gallon equals how many liters Canadian?

One US gallon is about 3.785 liters.

Kilometers per liter equals how many miles per gallon?

About 2.35 miles per gallon.

What is us gallon to a Canadian gallon?

1 canadian (Imperial) gallon is 1.2 US gallons

How do you convert Canadian kilometers to gallons?

A kilometer is a measurement of distance. A gallon is a measurement of volume. Perhaps you meant "How do you convert Canadian kilograms to gallons?" or something like that?

How many Canadian cups in a Canadian gallon?

!6 cups in an Imperial gallon

How much is a Canadian gallon versus a us gallon?

A Canadian gallon is 1.2 US gallons; it is the same as a UK or "Imperial" gallon.

Us gallon to Canadian gallon?

A Canadian Gallon is the same as a Imperial Gallon. 1Imp Gal= 1.2 US Gal

Is a Canadian gallon the same as the imperial gallon?


How many gallons equals one gallon?

1 gallon equals 1 gallon.

How many 15 kilometers per liter equals how many miles per gallon?

15 km/L equates to about 35.282 miles per gallon.

1 gallon equals 108oz1gal equals 4qt what eles equals 1 gallon?

8 pints are equal to a gallon

How many gallons equal a Canadian gallon?

One Imperial gallon = 1.201 US gallons. One Imperial gallon = 1 Canadian gallon.

What is 34 Miles per gallon to kilometers per gallon?

34 miles per gallon = 54.72 kilometers per gallon.

1 gallon equals gallons of gasoline?

1 gallon equals 1 gallon of gasoline.

How many gallon equals to 8pint?

One gallon equals 8 pints.

Do 8 cups equals a gallon?

No, there are 16 cups in a US gallon. 8 cups equals a half a gallon.

How many more fluid ounces are then in a Canadian gallon compared to a US gallon?

One Canadian gallon contains 153.3 fluid ounces. One US gallon contains 128 fluid ounces. Therefore, there are 25.3 more fluid ounces in a Canadian gallon. <------

How many liters in Canada does it take to make a gallon?

4.55 litres in Canadian gallonAnswer4.55 litres in Canadian gallon

1 gallon equals equals how many liters?

1 US gallon = 3.785L

1 UK gallon equals 3.7854118 liters?

No, 1 U.S. gallon equals 3.7854118 litres. 1 U.K. gallon equals 4.54609188 litres.

Volume of a gallon of petrol in liters?

The imperial gallon equals 4.546 litres, and the US gallon equals 3.785 litres.

How many milliliters in a Canadian gallon?

There are 4,546 ml. in an Imperial gallon

Pint equals to a gallon?

There are eight pints in a gallon

1 gallon equals quarts?

one gallon equals 2 quarts. your welcome (:

.42 gallon equals how many ounces?

0.42 gallon equals 53.76 fluid ounces.