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Sounds like the engine heats and the ignition fails.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-24 22:35:19
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Q: 125 automatic stops running after mower has been running for a while?
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1996 Dodge Caravan stops running?

1996 dodge caravan stops running, I Restarted, run for a little while and stops running again.

Why Riding mower makes screeching noise while running?

You probably have a bad bearing.

Why does my riding mower stop running after it runs for a little while?

Check the air filter, fuel filter. Either of these easily blocks on mower.

How come your John Deere lawnmower will not go in reverse?

Could be that it is unsafe to have mower running while backing. try turning off the mower.

Why Lawn mower Spark plug blows out while running?

not secured properly, user sockets

Why will my 1988 Toyota truck 2WD change gears while not running but won't when running?

Is it a manual or automatic?

Why does primer bulb get sucked inward while running on lawn mower?

Fuel tank cap vent is plugged.

Why does my97 grand prix gt stops running while driving?

low gas?

Would minecraft slow down my toshiba laptop?

It will while the program is running, but after it stops running there will be no change in computer speed.

What is supposed to keep a lawn mower battery charged while the mower is running?

Depending on the mower some have belt driven generator . But most have a alternator under the fly wheel . It might also be a faulty rectifier. Hope this helps.

Why does your lawn mower shake while running?

Something is out of balance. The most common cause is blades that have been sharpened incorrectly.

What causes a Toyota car engine stop running while driving?

when i am driving my toyato 2001 Eaco stops running, it will start back up

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