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No. Probably a piece work gun.


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It's manufactured in Belgium.

Use to be manufactured in Belgium and other various European countries but today they are manufactured in China. If you have the money buy the made in Belgium.

No, it is manufactured. The Coca bean is grown in Belgium

Sweden, Canada, Belgium.

FN made them as did many other makers in Belgium

It is manufactured by Volvo. It is built in Belgium and Malaysia. Volvo is owned by the Chinese company Geely.Manufactured by Volvo Cars, model years 2013 to present.

Depends. The very well known maker of high quality guns, Westley Richards, was in England. The people that tried to copy his name, and made low quality, low value guns marked W. Richard were from Belgium. Belgian guns will show the Belgian proofmark, a very small stamp of an oval, with the letters ELG inside the oval,

The barrel will say where it was manufactured

You will need to supply a serial number to get a answer to your question.

Underside of the receiver forward of the shell carrier.

Manufactured in Belgium by Ancien Etablissments Pieper, 1905-1957.

Belgium started the industrialized revolution in their country. They manufactured the process of making chocolate. Once Belgium started the process of manufacturing chocolate, the US took the lead.

Browning auto light 12 gold trigger made in belgium serial 01222RR211 good condition what year was it manufactured?

If it also says Norwich Conn, it was manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms, c. 1890-1930 (with open hammers, probably before 1910). If not, then by Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin in Belgium c. 1884-1905. A Belgian gun will also carry the proofmark of ELG* in an oval and if there is a crown over this mark, it was made after 1893. has a sn function under customer service.

Belgium is known as the "Workshop of Europe" because of the many manufactured goods which are produced there.

It depends on the model. Most are made in Japan. High end shotguns are still made in Belgium for custom orders. Some pistols are made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. has a sn fucntion under customer service.

Pringles are manufactured in factories located in Jackson, Tennessee; Mechelen, Belgium; Johor, Malaysia; and Fujian, China.

Browning Auto-5 manufactured in 1965 by FN of Belgium

The Jana 10 Gauge Shotgun was manufactured in Belgium. It was imported into the United States by Jana International Company Importers of Sporting Arms. They are located in Denver, Colorado.

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