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plead not guilty and go to court or just pay the fine

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Q: 16 years old and got your first ticket for going 95 in a 65 what will happen to you and can you keep it from your parents from finding out?
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Last night I got a speeding ticket for 63 in a 35 I'm in kansas when I goto court what will happen its my first ticket?

What happens when you go to court depends on the judge that you get. Most commonly the ticket could be reduced and you will have to pay a fine.

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If you are issued a speeding ticket in Kansas and that is your first speeding ticket but not your first ticket in general what is the likelyhood of insurance going up?

== == In MI your insurance goes up on each and every ticket you get. Not sure about Kansas, but probably the same.

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Im 19 and got your first speeding ticket going 51 in a 35 Im on your parents insurance at state farm in Clarksville tn you just want to go ahead and pay it will your parents find out will the rates go?

Most likely , Yes

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Got a seatbelt ticket out of state?

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Can you get your license if you get a ticket for driving without a license with your permit?

Yes, but please pay your ticket first.

Will Indiana driver insurance go up for going 69 in a 55 if first ticket?

= Will Indiana driver insurance go up for going 69 in a 55 if first ticket?" Ticket issued in Michigan=

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