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1776-1976 gold dollar?

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The gold plated Bicentennial coins dated 1776-1976 were plated out side of the mint and not issued by the US government, they are novelty coins and have little or no collectible value.

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Who is on the front of the gold dollar?

Sacagawea is placed on the gold dollar

How much does it cost to buy a gold dollar?

The price to purchase a gold dollar would be one dollar. The price of gold fluctuates constantly but a dollar is a dollar either way. To find the current price of gold one can check the stock prices where gold is listed.

How much is a 2000 gold dollar worth?

A Sacagawea dollar coin is not gold, it's brass and just a dollar.

is the 2000 gold liberty coin one dollar worth?

It's made of brass, not gold, and is worth one dollar.

How many 1 penny weight of gold is in us dollar?

The value of the US dollar is not based on gold. However at today's gold prices, one dollar will buy about 0.011 pennyweights of gold.

What weight is a 1924 gold dollar?

Sorry NO 1924 gold US dollar coins.

How much is a 2000 Liberty gold dollar worth?

One dollar, and there's no gold in it.

How much is Washington gold dollar worth?

One dollar, and the coin contains no gold.

2000 d gold dollar?

None of the one dollar coins dated from 2000 to date are GOLD! and just a dollar

How much is the 2000 US Liberty Gold dollar P series?

It's not a Liberty gold dollar. The coin is a Sacagawea dollar coin and has no gold in it. Value is $1.00

What is the value of a one dollar gold piece from 2000?

It's NOT gold and just a dollar. The last year the US made a one dollar gold coin was 1889.

How much gold is in a us ten dollar gold coin?

0.48375 troy ounces (in a real gold dollar from the 1850s)

Is the the James Madison dollar real gold?

Is the James Madison dollar coin real gold

What is the value of a p gold dollar coin?

The same as a D, one dollar and it's not gold.

Can you take a gold 100 dollar bill to the bank and get change?

In the US there are no gold dollar bills.

What percentage of gold is the US gold dollar coin?

If you mean a one dollar gold coin dated from 1849 to 1889 it is 90% gold and 10% copper. No other US one dollar coins after 1889 contain any gold.

What element is in the Thomas Jefferson Dollar?

gold dollar

What is the value of gold dollar 2000?

One dollar.

What is the value of the Sacagawea gold dollar?

One dollar

How much is a 1777 gold dollar worth?

A dollar.

What was the dollar value of the gold frankincense?

One Dollar

How much gold is in a 1857 gold one dollar coin?

The Actual Gold Weight (AGW) of an 1857 Indian Head gold one dollar coin is .04837oz of pure gold.

How much is a 1900 gold dollar worth?

Sorry, NO US one dollar gold dated 1900

1926 ten dollar gold coin value?

1926 ten dollar gold coin value

How much is a Andrew jackson1839 gold dollar coin?

It's not gold and it's just a dollar, spend it.