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Q: 1850 gold rush housing
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When was the Melbourne gold rush?

the Melbourne gold rush took place int he early 1850's

In what year did the gold rush start?


In what year did gold rush start?


What century was the californian gold rush?

the californian gold rush was in the 19th century in the 1840's- 1850's.

Why were gold miners called forty-niners?

Because they rushed to California to find gold from the gold rush in 1849, there was also a gold rush in 1850. Also the man who started the Gold Rush was Sam Brannsn

What was California's population during the gold rush?

93,000 in 1850

What happened in 1850 after the gold rush?

the older people who were involved in the gold rush sadly passed away and the gold they had were to be found by relitives or friends. they died!

What was the aboriginal housing like at the time of the gold rush?

There was no special housing for Aboriginal people at the time of the Australian gold rush. In those days the vast majority lived as they always had done.

How did housing change after the gold rush?

Because people got richer from the gold rush so it would be fancier house

Who was the president during the California gold rush?

The year span of the California Gold Rush was 1848-1855. The United States president from 1848-1849 was James K. Polk. From 1849-1850 was Zachary Taylor. The president from 1850-1853 was Millard Fillmore. When the Gold Rush ended in 1855, Franklin Pierce was the president.

What happened before the gold rush?

the gold rush was in california. NO! (bad answer) California became a state on DECEMBER 9, 1850

What were the results of the gold rush?

to became a state 2 years after the finding of gold on Sept. 9, 1850 is when CA was admitted to the union. [[What were the results of the gold rush#ixzz16cmNHbTO|]]

Where to dig gold?

the gold rush was taken place in Balarat in the 1850's. today we can still dig for gold in Balarat sovereign hill but there is not much gold now. way less from the gold rush

What was Australian population before gold rush?

in 1850- 405,356 1851-437,665

How long did the bendigo gold rush last?

1850's to the 1900's

What was the main cause of people moving to California from 1846-1850?

Gold rush

Who was the president at the time of the California gold rush?

The Gold Rush to California lasted from 1848 to about 1855. The presidents then was James K. Polk (1845-1849), Zachary Taylor (1849-1850), Millard Fillmore (1850-1853) and Franklin Pierce (1853-1857).

In what decade did the gold rush?

The Australian gold rush occured in the 1850's and died down in about 1860, some people kept digging for longer up until the 1890's but the swarms were more in the 1850'sHOPE THAT HELPED!! =]

When was the Gold Rush and how did that effect California's population?

The California gold rush was in 1849, it effected California's population by all of the immigrant miners coming to find gold, later on admitting California as a state in 1850.

How many people went to Australia in 1850 during the gold rush?

None. There was no goldrush in Australia in 1850. The discovery of payable gold was only announced in May 1851.

Was San Francisco the capital of CA?

No. Monterrey was when the gold rush happened in 1850 and then Sacramento.

What was the population of ballarat in 1850?

I have been to Ballarat and the teacher (Sir) said that before the gold rush there where about 50 people in Ballarat. However after the gold rush there were more than 20,000 people.

Are there pictures of the housing at the Gold fields at the time of the Australian gold rush?

See the related links for pictures.

Why were people rush for gold during the California gold rush?

The gold rush began at Sutter's Mill in Colima, CA. John Marshall discovered gold in the traces of the mill in 1848. Once the gold was discovered the rush was on. A newspaper headline stated "Eureka, Gold Found". The average pay was about 10.00 a month, but a man could make 50.00 a day if he found gold. Within months over 10,000 a day were coming into the area any way they could. Sutter lost in the gold rush. He lost his fortune , mill, and ended up a broke unhappy man. By 1850 CA became a state on Sept. 9, 1850.

How much money did the miners of the 1850 gold-rush get on average?

on average for a bucket 16 dollars