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It depends on the condition of the coin (which is, by the way, a 20 Lepta coin from Greece - the word that you wrote as "AENTA" is actually "ΛΕΠΤΑ"). According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, 4,752,000 such coins were produced in 1894, and an example in Fine condition is worth US$2.00, an example in Very Fine condition is worth US$5.00, an example in Extremely Fine condition is worth US$25.00, an example in Fine condition is worth US$400.00.

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Q: 1894 Greek Coin AENTA 20
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1894 Greek CoinAENTA 20?

1894 Greek Coin AENTA 20? how much is it worth cheers harry

What is the value of a 20 aenta coin from 1969?

This is a Greek 20 Lepta coin, which is still quite common - and the retail value can range anywhere from about 10 to $7.50, depending on condition.

How much gold is in the 1894 20 gold coin?

This coin has .96750oz of pure gold, the total weight of the coin is 33.436 grams.

Value of 20 dollar gold 1894 coin rated 61?

A 1894 Liberty Head Double Eagle graded MS-61 has a retail value of $2,000.00

What is ahmokpatia on a coin?

This coin is from Greece - what you are reading as "eaahnikh ahmokpatia" is actually the Greek words "ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΕΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ" which are pronounced "(H)ellenik(eh) Democratia" and mean "(the) Greek Democracy".

What is value greek gold coin of 20 lepta of 1912?

hi greek 20 lepta goldcoin worth 10000 euroalmost of xf condition

What is the gold content of a 1894 United States 20 dollar gold coin?

The weight of this coin is 33.436 grams; of that, 90% is gold and 10% is copper - NET weight = 0.9675 oz pure gold..

What is the value of a 20 aenta greek coin with a whole in it?

You are asking about a 20 Lepta coin from Greece (KM#64). (The word that you read as "Aenta" is actually "ΛΕΠΤΑ", which would be written as "lepta" in the English alphabet.) 10,145,000 of these coins were produced in 1912. According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, an example would be worth US$0.75 in Fine condition, US$3.00 in Very Fine condition, US$8.50 in Extremely Fine condition, US$100.00 in Uncirculated condition, and US$150.00 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Alternatively, you could be asking about KM#79, which was produced intermittantly from 1954 through 1971. These coins are valued at less than a dollar in circulated condition, at about US$3 in Uncirculated, and US$7-US$10 in Brilliant Uncirculated (except for 1964, which is more like US$8 in Uncirculated, and US$18 in Brilliant Uncirculated).

What is the value of 1894-A German 20 mark gold piece?

All of the previous answers are NOT relevant. 20 German marks is not 20 dollars, and actually, regardless of the value of gold, 20 euros (German marks) will buy about 27 US dollars. The value of your coin in question is based on 1) the daily spot price of gold and the percent purity of the coin and 2) the date and confition (grade) of the coin which may give it greater value as a collectible.

When did baseball player Fred Blank play?

Fred Blank debuted on June 20, 1894 and played his final game on June 20, 1894.

Who is on the Australian 20 cent coin?

on the Australian 20 cent coin it the platypus

1960 20 APX coin?

I have one of these too. I believe it is greek as I recognize the letters omega and sigma in the writing and the porpoise just seems greek to me. Also the A in apx is actually a triangle which is Delta in the greek alphabet. P is Pi and X is chi. Of course, "it's all greek to me" I only know what I had to learn to join the frat. However, for all I know there are other countries around the region that use greek or greek looking letters. Update: it is a greek 20 drachma coin. It is 83% silver and worth approx. 17 euros in uncirculated condition according to which has a photo of the coin too

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