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1896 silver dollar?


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1896 silver dollar is worth how much?

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Yes. 1896 silver dollars were struck at Philadelphia (no mint mark), San Francisco ("S") and New Orleans ("O"). There's more information at the question "What is the value of an 1896 US silver dollar?"

Your 1896 Morgan dollar is worth about $10.00 to $30.00 in circulated condition.

If the coin is a U.S. silver dollar dated 1896, it's a Morgan dollar and miss Liberty looks to the left, not the right. But a 1896 Barber half dollar faces the right. Look at the coin again and post new question.

The 1896 Morgan dollar is common, circulated coins have retail values of $23.00 to $36.00

If it has one, it is on the reverse just above DO in DOLLAR.

Three different denominations of silver certificates are dated 1896. Please determine what you have, then look for the questions "What is the value of an 1896 US [denomination] dollar silver certificate?" for specific information.

If it has one, it's on the reverse above DO in the word dollar.

This will vary greatly depending on denomination.

The 1896 Morgan Dollar is common, circulated coins have retail values of $17.00-$26.00 Uncirculated examples sell for $35.00 +

WOW!!! i found out that its worth $4499.00

In terrible condition 28 dollars but if uncirculated and perfect condition a few thousand dollars.

Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark ,your 1896 MORGAN DOLLAR is common. Value is $17.00-$26.00 NOTE: No US coin is a Lady Liberty coin.

The last year for a gold US one dollar coin was 1889. If you have an 1896 Morgan silver dollar that has toned a gold hue, it needs to be seen for a accurate assessment. Take it to a coin dealer.

1896 is a common date for Morgan dollars, a typical Mint State coin is $48.00-$55.00

Depending on the grade of the coin it can vary from $8.00 to $19,500.00

What is the question? Is there such a thing or do you have one? I have one.

If it doesn't have a mint mark, that means it was made in Philadelphia.

Current average market value is about $1,000.00 for a certified example.

$17.00 to $25.00 for a circulated coin. Mint state coins start at $30.00+

Assuming the coin has no mintmarks and is circulated. Values are $33.00-$39.00 for this coin. It's a very common date Morgan dollar.

The "O" mintmark identifies the Mint at New Orleans, LA

This question comes up fairly often and is a common misunderstanding. US $1 coins made up till 1935 aren't called "eagles" and they don't contain 1 oz of silver. They were ordinary circulation coins that contained $1 worth of silver (at that time) and were intended for spending, not investment. A silver dollar from 1896 is called a Morgan dollar after its designer G. T. Morgan, and was struck for use in ordinary commerce. Please see the Related Question for values.

Assuming no mint marks, retail values for circulated coins run from $32.00 to $39.00 depending on the condition of the coin. The 1896 Morgan is a common date coin.

The 1896 Morgan is a common date coin. A circulated example has retail values of $32.00 to $39.00 depending on the actual grade of the coin.

I would like to find the value of a 1896-0 liberty dollar value

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