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1966 -1971 Gold Base Series Boston Red Sox bobblehead?


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1966-1971 Boston Red Sox Gold Base Bobble Head

The Gold base series of Bobbing Heads was the last one issued in the 60's. They were sold from 1966 through 1971. This series saw the movement of several franchises and the addition of some expansion teams. There are 27 team dolls and an additional player doll- Willie Mays with number 24 decal on back.

The 1966-1971 Boston Rd Sox Gold Base "boy facet" Bobble Head is worth about $250 - $275. in near/mint-mint condition. Condition is important. This series was made with inferior quality to its predecessors and often the dolls suffer from chips, cracks and paint flaking. even minor flaws will bring the value down significantly.