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1969 browning Light Twelve 12g and you were wondering how much you could get for it?

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10-300 usd

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Did a 1969 browning light twelve come factory with a vent rib barrel?

The answer to your question is yes.The browning lightweight (light 12 or light 20)could be ordered from FN with a vent rib barrel.These browning lightweight model auto-5 shotguns were made between 1967-1976.

Could you give me a price to sell a bilgian made browning light twelve?

Need a detailed description of finish, condition, box, papers, all features and markings.

Is 1957 the correct year of manufacture for your browning light twelve that has a serial number of G 738xx and has made in belgium browning arms company st Louis mo special steel 12 ga shells 2 34?

A letter from Browning will remove all doubt. Could be 57 or 67

What is the value of a Browning shotgun light twelve A5 made in 1961 28 inch barrel modified choke plain rib gold trigger new in the original Browning box with manual and catalog?

If gun is mint and never fired - then you could reasonably expect $1500 - $2000 auto5man

Hi Auto5Man I was wondering what you could tell me about my auto 5 with the serial number 440097?

That sn goes beyond published data. You will need to call Browning.

Did a 1969 model browning light 12 come with a vent rib barrell?

Yes.Your Browning flat knob light weight auto-5 shotgun could be had with either a plain,or vent rib barrel.

Browning 16 ga and was always told it was a sweet even though it does not say it on the receiver you were wondering if anyone could help you identify it?

Blue Book of Gun Values; Browning website, on line auctions, gun shop, gun show

What is the value of a Browning nickel plated auto5 light twelve pump shotgun manufactured in Japan around 1979?

This is a mixed question. Which gun do you have? An Auto-5 Light twelve, is not a pump shotgun, it is a semi-automatic. Since 1979 is before the Browning Pump Model BPS was introduced, It is assumed you do have an A5. Value depends on condition. Typically with average use, these guns sell in the range of $500-$750 depending on condition. Mint in the box will go $1000+, but remember that this model has a fixed choke in 1979 and won't bring as much as the later Janaese made Auto-5's. The nickel plating you mention is not Browning factory finished. Browning never plated an auto5. You could have a silver receiver that was custom engraved, but it wouldn't be plated. If someone actually did nickel plate the gun, it could decrease value.

What is value of browning light twelve serial 7690551?

Please check the serial number. It is believed that the second digit is the letter "G" and not the number 6. If this is the case, you have a Light 12 made in 1967. Value depends on condition, meaning how much of the original finish is remaining. Depending on the condition of your gun it could be appraised anywhere between $400 and $1500.

What is the Approximate Value of Belgian browning light 12?

Answer Everything depends on condition and year of mfg. It could run from $300 to $1500 depending

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What is your browning light twelve worth?

Without any more information, you question is almost impossilbe to answer with any real degree of accuracy. Value will depend on where you live, how bad you want to sell it, condition, finish, accessories, box, papers, engraving, what choke it is, barrel length, etc.. You could be in the 100-1000 USD or more range.

Could an soldier carry a M1919 browning?


Could you please tell me the year and gauge of a browning uo serial no 28339?


What is the value of a Browning Auto 5 light gauge 12 serial number 72G 22395 still in the original box?

if its mint and unfired it could go for $1500 or more

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Could you help me find info on 9T 9418 browning semi auto 22?

Browning now offers factory history letters.

What is the year of manufacture of a Browning Hi-Power serial no 7C19171?

Could it be that your browning hi-power is marked 70C19171? If it is then it was made in 1970.

What year browning serial number 39593x?

I would need to know what model of Browning you are asking about?I could then help you identify the year of manufacture.

What is the age and value of a browning arms Morgan utah and Montreal pq serial number 30068PM152?

The letters PM in the middle of your serial number indicates that your browning was made in 1980.If you wish to include the model name of your browning I could help with the value of your browning.