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1973 us coin set worth?

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A 1973 6 coin Proof set is $9.00. A 13 coin Uncirculated Mint set is $18.00.

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A 1973-S proof set is worth from $12 to $15.00.

The coin is still in circulation today and has face value only

The US Bicentennial Proof Set came in two versions: the normal set (1 cent thru dollar coin), and the silver 3-Coin Set (quarter, half dollar and dollar). The normal 5-coin Proof Set is worth about $7 retail - and the silver 3-coin set, $25.

If you have an annual 1973 uncirculated annual mint set, its worth is: $25-$30.00.

The uncirculated 3-coin set shows a value of $240.00 the proof 3-coin set is $175.00

Each coin would have to be seen and graded for a value. The set was not produced by the U.S. Mint.

As of today each coin is worth about $18.00

July 9, 2009 I will assume you are refering to the 1973 Uncirculated US Mint Set. There were 1,767,691 of the sets produced and it has a value of about $20.

August 9, 2009 If it is a US Proof Set is worth about $16. If it is an uncirculated Mint Set then its worth is about $26.

Where ever you want to. But a coin fair may be best if you want a good price or use eBay and set the reserve to what the set is worth.

Current average retail value is $11.00. Issue price was $7.00.

The US Mint did not issue proof sets from 1943-1949.

Unless the coin has an "S" mintmark and was found in a US mint set, it is copper and nickel, not a rare issue and is worth only $1.

Also called Centenario, that coin is worth US$1,265.43

How much is a united states emirate coin worth in US

All US coins dated 1973 have the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM more information is needed.

There are two different sets of coins released by the US Mint every year. The uncirculated coin set contains one coin of each denomination from the Philadelphia mint and Denver mint. These are called P-D sets. This set will have twice the number of coins as the proof set for the same year. For 1999, the uncirculated coin set has 18 coins total and is worth $23.00 according to The proof set for 1999 contains 9 coins and is worth $55.00.

A modern 100 Yen coin is worth about $1.10

How much a 1901 Magyar 2 cent coin is worth depends on the condition of the coin. In average circulated condition, such a coin is worth 1 US dollar. In fully uncirculated condition, this coin is worth 5 US dollars.

Please look at the coin again and post new question. The U.S. Mint did not produce a 1973 U.S. Constitution Silver dollar.

As of 11/2008, retail prices are in the $10 range.

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