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The original trans will be fine. The parts you need off your old motor is the carburetor and the fly wheel. If the new(er) motor happens to have EFI, don't use it. Just to make things much simplified.

yes the 350 will bolt right in but i don't know about the tranny that's already in it you might have to get the Chevy 350 trans for the tranny to match motor but motor will fit

2011-09-12 13:59:09
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Q: 1975 Chevy truck with a blown motor my boss gave me 350 sbc boat motor will this work and if not why?
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Can a 1985 Chevy motor go into a 1975 Chevy truck?

If we are talking about the V-8, then yes.

Will a 1975 Chevy truck cab fit a 1983 Chevy truck?

Yes. the cab and beds on full size Chevy trucks are the same from 1973 to 1987.

What carburetor came on a 1975 Chevy truck with a 454?

Rochester Quadrajet

Does your 1975 Chevy truck have a 4 bolt or a 2 bolt main?


What is the original price of a new 1975 Chevrolet truck?

window sticker for a basic chevy half ton pickup in 1975

What is towing capacity 1975 Chevy 454 truck?

Up to 12,000 lbs when properly equipped/options.

What was the horsepower for a 1975 Chevy Silverado C10 454 motor?

Advertised Horsepower is---245HP @ 4000 RPMs.

Where is temperature sensor on 1975 Chevy truck?

if it is a v8 it should be on the driver side cyl head near front of engine

Why won't your power windows work in your 1975 corvette work?

There are a few reasons why the power windows on a 1975 Corvette won't work. A few of these would be a wiring issue, a motor issue or the fuse is blown.

What actors and actresses appeared in Truck - 1975?

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How do you remove the heater blower motor on a 1975 Chevy truck?

the proper way is to remove the pass side inner fender well. then replace the motor. through the years many have just opted to cut a hole in the inner fender to access the blower motor. then cover the hole with a slightly larger piece of sheet metal and screw it inside the inner fender well to cover the hole.

Why Taillights not working on 1975 Corvette?

Bulbs blown?

How much horsepower does a 1975 chevy truck with 350 engine have?

165 hp stock 2bbl carb A lot of the pickups had a 4 barrel, which added 20.

Why is my 1975 Chevy c20 truck lower in the rear on the left side is that shocks or springs?

That would be the springs as long as the spring brackets aren't rusted in half.

What parts are interchangeable with a 1975 Chevy Caprice?


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Where is the catalytic converter on a 1970 Chevy truck?

There is no catalytic convertor on a 1970 Chevy truck. Emissions regulations, and the use of emissions reducing equipment, were not employed until 1973 when the body style of Chevy trucks changed to the square body style that was used from 1973 to 1987. Catalytic convertors themselves were not factory installed until the second half of 1975. To date, any vehicle made before 1975 is exempt from emissions testing since the required equipment was not installed at the time of manufacture.

What is the Price of motor mounts in Ford F 150 truck?

Need to know what model year and what engine in order to answer this. The F150 name has been in use since 1975, and the mounts for a 1975 with a straight six are going to be different from a 2014 with a V8.

What Oil filter on 1975 Chevy 350?

A Fram PH-13 or PH-5 should do it on any mid 70's SBC motor. That's what I run.

How do you remove ignition cylinder from 1975 Chevy pickup?

You will need to remove the retaining ring from the top of your 1975 Chevrolet pickup truck ignition cylinder. Slide the ignition cylinder out and remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new ignition cylinder.

Can you fit a front clip from a 1982 Chevy truck to a 1975 Chevy blazer?

yes it will fit. i am doing the same swap. the only problem i have ran into is hood hinges are different. as of now i am still working on that problem. i am told there is a sollution but i havent figured it out yet

What is 1975 Chevy lug pattern?


When did Chevy nova get air conditioning?


When was British Motor Heritage created?

British Motor Heritage was created in 1975.

Can metal freeze on glass?

I had a 1975 Chevy pickup truck that I was welding on the door. The molten steel fell on the window and fused itself to it. I ruined the glass and learned that you can indeed have metal freeze on glass.