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Sure. You can put whatever you want in there but a word of caution. 4:11 is a reasonably low gear ratio that may have been put in there to help pull the weight of your motor home. Ummm, look at it this way. The lower the gear ratio, the more weight you can pull with higher engine RPM's and less speed. The reverse is true also. A higher ratio (3:73, 3:50, 2.73, whatever) will mean lower engine RPM's and more speed. Possibly higher gas mileage as well. However, it takes a lot more horsepower to turn lower gear ratios which in turn means using more gas. More horse power=more gas usage. In fact, it would be possible to lower your gear ratio to the point that your engine wouldn't be able to produce enough horsepower to move your motor home at all. Theoretically speaking of course. So, what to do??? Well, I'm sure people have changed there gear ratios before so I guess I'd ask around at some of your local motor home shops and see how low they think you could go without too much worry. Then I guess you just try it and find out if it works OK.

2006-08-23 19:53:27
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