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1980 300D Mercedes and you need to replace the bulbs on the instrument panel How do you get the dash off to replace them?

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2008-07-10 09:06:21

you need to make a tool, a coat hanger will work. take wire

cutters and start with 2 straight peices about 10 inches long at

the end bend about a 1/2 inch at a right angle. slide these in each

side of the instrument cluster with the bends pointing up, with

both sides in turn wire 90 degrees and pull towards you, take it

slow and once it is free take care with the oil perssure line and

speedo cable, you should be able to see the bulbs from there, good

luck and take your time!!

Another answer: You can actually do it without a special tool.

The instrument panel is held in place by friction only. All you

need to do is push it out. In Mercedes Benzes with stereo speakers

in the dash, you can remove the loudspeaker nearest the instrument

panel, get a few fingers through the hole and push a corner of the

instrument panel out, the rest should follow with a little coaxing.

If you have really long arms and are a bit of a contortionist, you

can also reach up under the dashboard by the steering column and

pedals and push it out that way. It may help to remove a trim


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