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1981 Chevy 305 will not crank have changed plugs wires timing is right what could be wrong?


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2007-10-25 22:17:24
2007-10-25 22:17:24

Does it turn over?

Does it have spark?

Does it have fuel?

Does it have compression?


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does a 2007 Chevy cobalt with a 2.2 L engine have a timing belt or a timing chain ?? it has 2 timing chains one runs off the water pump crank and internal engine balancers and the other runs the cams and the crank

The distributor is the crank sensor. If the timing belt was changed and the check engine light came on, the shaft that drives the distributor could be out of time.

It should be at the bottom front of the engine by the timing cover.

more than likely the mechanic that changed the timing belt didn't put the crank position sensor wire back on the timing cover and the alt belt burned the wires going to the sensor throwing a code. crank senor no signal

If it is a distributorless ignition system, you don't. The timing is all handled by the ecm. It picks up the signal from a crank sensor in the block. It has a reluctor wheel cast in the crank.

That engine don't have a timing belt. It has a chain and gears and it would crank over real easy/freely.

It is near the bottom of the timing belt in a Chevy. It is part of the ignition system.

Could be the balancer has slipped, or maybe you have a mismatch between the crank, balancer, or timing tab. There were years where the timing is checked from the 2 o'clock position, and years where it's checked at 12 o'clock.

This should use a crank sensor- so the timing is controlled by the computer and no adjustment provisions are there.

top section of timing chain cover in front of the intake manifold

It is in the passenger side of the timing cover towards the bottom.

That could be a thousand different problems; please be more specific. Does it crank, and if it does, does the crank sound weak?

cam timing marks are on the timing gears inside the timing case cover the crank timing gears are located on the harmonic balance (big pulley wheel at bottom of engine on front of crank)

There is a mark on the timing chain cover behind the harmonic balancer(behind the crank pulley). The harmonic balancer also has a slot cut in it so that you can line the crank up with the mark on the timing cover. The mark on the timing cover should sit at the 2 o'clock position or the 12 o'clock position. My 96 Chevy 305 is at the 2 o'clock position.

It has both, The crank sensor is on the timing cover passenger side behind the balancer. The cam sensor is the distributor, Inside of it.

it is located on the harmonic balancer outer edge even with the crankshft "key"

where is the crank sensor located on a 2005 chevy impala

with no.1 cylinder at top dead center, line up the mark on the cam gear with the mark on the crank,and install the timing chain.

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