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At the dealers during the 80's we often saw this intermittent problem in the service department. The most common cause was the TPS (throttle position sensor). An easy and accurate way for anybody to verify that it is indeed the TPS is to crank the engine while observing the tachometer needle. If the "tach signal" is present then the tach needle will fluctuate slightly off of zero. This simple test proves that the car's ECM (electronic control module) is receiving the "go-ahead-and-start-the-engine " signal. Unfortunately, this signal is required to keep the engine running as well. If there is no tach signal the ECM cannot recognize that the engine is running so it turns off the ignition and fuel injection. If while the engine is stalled you witness the absence of the cranking tach signal you will need to replace the TPS sensor. Be carefull to follow the replacement procedure exactly because these old sensors are adjustable. Better yet have a reputable shop do it.

2007-07-15 15:40:33
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