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My father has exactly the same truck and is having simulair trouble, His runs fine till it gets warm, but when turned off it will not start again till it cools down. We also replaced the ignition system and it took care of the problem for 3 or 4 months and it is back again. Not sure where to go next? I wan't to say a week ignition module but this will be the third one so I am not sure. I am looking forward to seeing a answer to your question. One Thing unmentioned is the possibility of a clogged pick up tube or clogged fuel lines. Sometimes the primary fuel filter will disintegrate and clog the lines, or something foreign in the tank will gum up the lines and/or fuel pump. Check to make sure you have plenty of gas in your inline fuel filter which is visible, and make sure it is delivering fuel to the inline while you are cranking and pumping. If you have fuel there, it is likely time to clean your carb and get a new set of plugs. If not, check for restrictions in the fuel line, and fuel pump function. You can check to see if you have spark on the plugs with a multimeter or the old stick your finger in the plug wire and one of the same hand on the plug, but I don't recommend that. It can be painful.

2009-04-13 02:19:07
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Q: 1984 Chev silverado 305 engine ignition problems I have rebuilt distributor ALL new electr parts problem started with cutting off then would run after sitting a day Now no fire I'm stumped what next?
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