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It's either time to change your PCV vale and clean the lines or your rings are wore out or broken.

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Whats wrong with a 93 Pontiac sunbird when it is not getting gas to start engine?

Fuel pump, blown fuel pump fuse, fuel filter clogged, fuel pressure regulator, or defective ECU.

Whats wrong when your 1980 Pontiac Phoenix is making noises when you are driving?

This is too general of a question. Please describe the noises.

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Any kind of filtration unit would be good it depends on whats wrong with the water. Thanks!

Your radio and power locks and power windows wont work all at once on a 97 Pontiac grand prix gt then they will Whats wrong?

Loose wire?

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Whats wrong when a car labors shakes and judders and also loses acceleration power?

fuel filter could be clogged or the fuel pump is going out on it.

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Can a wrong oil filter be installed?

Yes. There are instances where the wrong filter can be installed.

Whats wrong with a Chev Cavalier that has trouble backing up when going uphill from a dead stop?

Weak transmission pump? Try changing fluid and filter

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How do you turn off service engine light on 2003 Pontiac Aztec?

You have to fix what is wrong or you can disconnect the battery and reconnect. if you take the car to most autoparts stores they can read your codes and tell you whats wrong it mya be as simple as your fuel cap

Your 2004 Pontiac Aztec service vehicle soon light came on what could be wrong?

it could litteraly be anything, from a bad sensor, to a stuck injector, to low air in your tires. have the code scanned, its cheap and can usually tell you whats wrong

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Whats wrong if a 1993 Mazda 626 losses power and sputters like running on 3 cylinders?

could need a tune up---plugs, wires, fuel filter & air filter...good inexpensive way to start

1996 Pontiac Sunfire it'll crank but hesitates to start what's wrong?

it could have a bad air filter or the fuel is clogged some where. or the batt could be going bad.

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My ford focus gets hot on the highway and losses power and eventualy dies you changed thermostat oilfuel filter and it still does it whats wrong?

Change your fuel filter. It's in the back by the gas tank. It's about 2" in diameter and about 2

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