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Bi-metallic choke coil. pulls the choke open as the engine warms up.

2006-07-21 01:03:19
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How do you ghange 350 Chevy fuel injected to carb?

Change the intake manifold and fuel pump... And naturally put a carb on top of the new intake.

How much does a 350 sbc weigh with aluminum heads and intake carb headers alternator water pump?

350 chevy with aluminum heads and intake carb and headers weigh

Why do you have no engine vacuum in 350 Chevy engine?

Air intake leak between the carb and the pistons action. the closer the the carb, the more likely.

How many egr valves in a Chevy 305?

1. Pass., side, on the intake, below the carb.

Where is PVC 1984 Nissan truck z24?

on the right side of intake ,just below carb.

Is the intake manifold on a 1989 Pontiac firebird 5.0 305 TBI bolt pattern the same as a standard 305 small block intake manifold?

Yes, They are the same. GM uses the same parts for Pontiac and Chevy, although the carb may be different therefore the carb from the Pontiac will not always work with a Chevy.

Where can you get an adapter for 4412 carb. to 4brl Chevy cast iron intake?

#1932 Mr Gasket will fit. Available at Autozone.

On an 1982 Chevy truck with a 305 4 barrel carb do you need to install the restrictor inserts in the intake manifold gaskets?

Yes you do.

Where does the vacuum line on a turbo350 transmission connect on a small block Chevy?

It hooks to a vacuum port on the intake manifold behind the carb.

What years can you convert to a carb on a chevy small block?

ANY year that has a carburetor intake manifold available to install on the block/heads.

Can you put a carb 350 intake on a 305 tbi engine?

yes it will fit, 262-400ci chevy smallblock manifolds are interchangeable.

How much horsepower does a stock Chevy 350 with a performer rpm air gap intake and a holly 670 street avenger carb have?


Who has a 1972 Chevy c10 Carb Wiring Diagram?

You have wires going to the carb on a 72 Chevy c10?

Where is the carb located on a 2001 Chevy 2500?

there is no carb on that truck

Chevy 350 backfires out the headers when i try to start it?

try to dial Dow your your gas intake on your carb, if that dosent work maybe your timing is off

Where is the egr valve on a Chevy engine?

I changed EGR on a 88, 5.7 and it is located in the intake manifold near the throttle body (carb) just in front of.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1978 350 Chevy engine?

On the intake manifold next to the carb or directly behind the carb depending on two or four barrel car. It's held on with two bolts and has a vacuum line going to it.

How do you install carburetor on 1974 Dodge Dart?

first install new carb gasket to intake manifold and then 4 nuts hold the carb to the intake studs and then install the throttle linkage to the carb.

How do you convert tbi to carb?

tbi engine top end is different from carb engine top end. on a carburated engine, the intake and heads use 90 degree angles for intake mounting bolts. on a tbi engine, the intake and heads use 75 degree angles for intake bolts. you can choose one of these three options: entire new engine. intake manifold designed for tbi heads but utilizes a carb mounting flange on top or tbi manifold to spread bore or square bore adapter

What would a Chevy 1985 305 produce with 4 barrel carb high-rise intake and cheap headers produce in HP?

somewhere between 280 and 320 hp.. depends on which intake and carb used. also the diameter of the header tubes and length of collector. A victor jr. intake with a 4779 Holley is a good pick. Also lose the HEI distributor. they are sloppy. Get a Mallory Uni Lite or similar. That intake and carb will do far better with a good camshaft--Properly degreed on installation.

What does the body use for energy when you have no carb intake?

When there is no carbohydrate intake the body runs on fats

How do you change upper intake on 350 Chevy engine?

you take off carb or tbi and the take off all braces from intake. take out distributor and coil(you will need them later) and then take all the fastener bolts of and replace intake. put all of the things back on

Can you replace a 2 barrel carb with a 4 barrel carb on a Chevy 350?

Yes. Generally you would also want to replace the intake manifold as well, but there are adapters made for this purpose that work fairly well with some loss of efficiency.

What is Natrol Carb Intercept with Phase 2 used for?

Natrol Carb Intercept with Phase 2 is used as a method for controlling your card intake. Through restricting carb intake, the goal is that your body will eventually lose weight.

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