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1984 ford Bronco2 new flywheel and starter will engage one time then spin What causes this?

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Assumeing it's the same starter, the bendix(the gear on the end of the starter that engages the flywheel)could be bad, and or the starter it self could be bad. sounds like number of teeth on new flywheel does not match number of teeth on starter. find out from mechanic that installed new fly wheel, how many teeth on flywheel if he doesnt know, a Ford dealer can tell you from the part number on your receit. then ask how many teeth should be on starter to match fly wheel pull starter and count teeth

2007-03-25 16:11:29
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Could the wrong flywheel make the starter not work?

yes. a starter made for the 168 tooth flywheel would not engage a 153 tooth flywheel.

97 mercury mystique starter will not engage?

If the starter spins but won't engage, then the Bendix is not engaging the flywheel. Remove the starter and test to see if the Bendix thrusts out, and check to see that the flywheel does not have chipped teeth.

Starter will not engage?

if the starter is spinning but not engaging then the bendix (starter teeth) is not moving out to grab the flywheel teeth or the flywheel has some broken teeth. The starter needs to be removed to see what the issue is.

Buick Skylark 1996 The starter willnot engage the flywheel the starter spin only?

The starter drive has broken, replace starter.

Why does the starter in a 1979 Chevy with a 350 small block grind sometimes or not engage into the flywheel too?

This can be caused by a worn flywheel, or a bad starter drive. You'll need to remove the starter and look at the flywheel to see which is bad.

Why does a starter on a Chevy 400 not engage to the teeth on the flywheel?

the starter bendix is bad or the flywheel it self has some teeth missing The Starter Bendix drive is not close enough to the flywheel. Reinstall the starter and check to see if there are shims that can be removed to place it closer.

What does the starter pinion gear engage to crank the engine?

Usually, the engine flywheel. A solenoid in the starter moves the starter pinion shaft forward (or backward depending on how it is mounted to the engine) to engage the outside edge of the flywheel (which has teeth to match the pinion gear).

Ford starter motor turns but doesn't engage engine and the flywheel and starter are fine what next?

thanks how many holding blots and where bad bendix (starter drive) if the spring in the starter bendix is weak or broken it will not engage the flywheel; but the starter will turn normally. bad thing is ,you have to pull the starter..good luck..

How do you know your starter is broken?

you will hear a loud screeching noise from where the starter is trying to engage with the flywheel...if these cogs are worn the starter will slip and make this noise.

Why does the starter for a Chevy 350 grind but will not engage the flywheel?

It could be the starter drive, the solenoid, or the ring gear itself. Best to pull the starter out of there and see what's going on.

Will a bad flywheel cause a car to not turn over?

A bad flywheel can definitely cause the engine not to turn over. The flywheel has teeth. If the teeth are chipped or broken, then the starter can not engage to spin the engine over.

Why doesnt starter engage on 1996 Saturn?

What do you mean when you say it doesn't engage? Is the starter spinning but just doesn't catch to spin the engine? IF that's the case it could be as simple as a loose starter or as bad as a damaged flex plate/flywheel. But it would most likely be the starter.

1996 4.9 f150 xlt truck starter spins does not engage?

The part of the starter called the starter drive is shot and hopefully the flywheel ring gear is not damaged also. I would recomend removing the starter and inspecting the flywheel ring gear and if it looks okay replace the starter with a rebuilt or new one.

What will damage a starter over and over after the fly wheel was replaced?

If the starter is not properly mounted then it will not properly engage and release the flywheel. The started may need to be shimmed in or out.

Where is starter on Plymouth fury?

The location of a starter on a Plymouth Fury will depend on the year. Most older Plymouth Furys have the starter located just under the driver's side of the motor where the transmission is bolted to the motor. The starter must engage the flywheel and the flywheel is located in the large bell shape of the transmission.

What causes the starter not to engage periodically on a 1998 ford expedition?

starter motor need overhaul

Why doesnt starter engage always with new starter and flywheel?

Some vehicles require "shims" to be installed when a starter is replaced so the Bendix drive will engage the pressure plate teeth. If the starter is too far away from the teeth on the pressure plate, the vehicle will fail to turn over.

Will a starter make a whining noise when it is bad?

Yep, a starter can whine worse than a little kid.If the "bendix" doesn't kick the gear out to fully engage into the flywheel teeth - and even worse: if the teeth on the flywheel are worn down/away.A physical inspection of the starter and flywheel gear-teeth will be a good guide.

Your Chevy starter does not engage it spins but will not engage any suggestions It is a mini sbc starter.?

Could be the starter drive is not engaging or perhaps you're using the wrong holes for your flywheel. If you have a 153 tooth ring and have the starter in the 168 tooth position, the gears would not mesh. Did it ever start? if it did ,most likely the starter drive is broken, or the pinion ,or flywheel are stripped of their teeth. Bendix is broken, Starter too far from ring gear, broken bendix throwout fork.

How do you replace the starter in a 1999 Chevy Blazer?

on a 2002 4 wh drive Blazer - disconnect the battery - lossen starter bolts ( 2 ) loosen and remove the Flywheel plate that the Starter is inserted into or you wont be able to pull the starter out - really tight space 2 bolts to remove this plate - plate has an opening that the starter goes into to engage the flywheel

On a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme why won't the engine start It isn't the battery or the starter you thought maybe it was the flywheel however you just wanted some other opinions Please help?

If the engine will not turn over, it is either the battery or the starter. Turn on the headlights and then have someone try to start the vehicle while you look at the headlights. If the lights go dim, the battery is bad. If they do not, you have a problem with the starter. Remove the starter and have it tested. The flywheel would only be the problem if you hear the starter engage and spin. That can be a broken tooth on the flywheel, or a bad starter drive gear. If the starter does not engage at all and you hear no click, you may have a bad ignition switch.

Why doesn't my starter engage?

Assuming the starter motor spins but doesn't engage to turn engine over to start you could have a bad starter drive which is part of the starter assembly or possibly damaged/missing teeth on flywheel ring gear. Depending on year and model vehicle, some starters you can replace just the starter drive otherwise you need to replace the whole starter.

Why would a new starter whine like the car is already started?

The starter is failing to push/extend the teeth to engage the flywheel.The 'bendix' is bad.See "Related Questions" below for more

What are three tasks which are preformed by the flywheel?

Stores kinetic energy while spinning,Smooths engine performance, Holds ring gear for the starter to engage.

1989 ford bronco 2 2.9L When you go to start it the starter doesn't engage the flywheel and you end up pushing it to start you've replaced the start two times and still the same problem?

you are probally missing teeth on the flywheel you should replace the flywheel.