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O.K. You are asking for a lot in this question, but to answer your question GENERALLY I would say that in the majority of cases I see on a daily basis involving compressors and/or systems that 'will not accept a charge', the problem is a bad compressor suction valve plate. This is, of course, not the only possibility, but the most likely without further information and evaluation. Whenever a compressor has been run under duress for whatever reason, the compressor will suffer from excess heat, which can and does cause the valve plate(s) to fail. When this happen (on the suction side), the compressor will not 'pull' refrigerant in, which appears to be a 'blockage' to the novice. Of course, mechanical failure (number of miles/number of years on a vehicle) can also cause this. The absolute test, of course, is to have a professional shop introduce refrigerant with a charging cylinder, which does not rely on the compressor to 'pull' the refrigerant in (among other things), and once properly charged, the compressor can be tested and evaluated correctly. Good luck SDIgroup

2006-08-24 03:59:55
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