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If its any comfort, I'm sure we've all been there and can appreciate how infuriating these things can be! If you have fuel to cylinder, you have ignition (spark) at plug, you have absolutely must have - bang - or all the laws of physics and science are being challenged...So, timing must be off, or electric is grounded out (or at distributor but not the rotor in the right way?) . Check (for the millionth time I'm sure)...if plug wires got switched, distributor turned, etc. Its one of them! I had the same problem on my '92... fuel pump worked, I replaced the sending unit and it also needed a new gas tank. Replaced fuel filter and lines. It got gas, would turn over, but not start. I had to go back, drop the tank and put in a new fuel pump. Even though I heard the other pump turning on and kicking off and it got gas all the way up to the engine, there wasn't enough fuel pressure to get the truck to start or stay running. After replacing the pump, I was out of the garage and cruisin down the road before my fiance knew what I was up to! If you haven't done so... get a new pump... if you have already, then you may have a little something plugging your line restricting fuel flow and affecting the pressure. Do a fuel pressure test and that will get you the answers you need. Rhonda

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Q: 1985 Blazer S10 2.8L 4x4 is cranking over getting gas getting fire but still will not start Have gone through everything including fuel pump spark plugs and wires timing fuses etc Won't start?
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