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1986 B2000 dash board brake light won't go out How do you fix?


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Follow the emergency brake all the way down to the firewall and look for a switch or wire(s) coming off of it. fiddle with that switch, see if it needs adjusting or is stuck in the "pulled out" position or broken. see if wire(s) are connected at both their ends. If all is well, in your ignition switch opposite end of where your key inserts, are 5 or6 wires soldered to it . Remove the steering column plastics, 4 screws underneath, start the car, and tap with the handle of a screwdriver on the wires( make sure your tapping tool is not of metal or any other conductive material. See if the light goes off. If it does, yoiur problem is in the switch somewhere, just like mine! A new switch costs $274.00 at the dealer. the local parts houses here in So.Cal. don't carry them. However, the local junk yard does for $14.00! I got one ,exactly the same from either an 86 323 or 626, cant remember.