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It could in on a cold day your car will use more gas to air (rich) because the cold air will support more gas! Your car will run like a dream if it is set up right on these days in computer cars a easy cheat for more preforance is to put ice on the intake so your computer thinks it is cold you will see guys at the drag race track doing this as fas as on thernost I would guess maybe it is the problem and a cheap way to try to fix is put one in what can it hurt but being a 86 it is probley a oxygen sensor that is at fault

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 13:59:49
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Q: 1986 B2000 truck it failed Calif smog test for high Co and Hc's would running the truck without a thermostat cause it to run rich because of the lower operating temperatures?
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Why does the thermostat light stay on in the Kia while the engine is running?

Your KIA is either low on anti freeze or the thermostat is stuck and your engine is not operating at the correct temperature.

What is the purpose of a thermostat on a heat pump?

The purpose of a thermostat on a running heat pump is to be able to determine the temperature the pump is operating at. This is used for regulating the heats needed.

What is the normal operating running temperature of a 1995 El Dorado engine?

between 195 and 220 for a stock thermostat

2002 mustang gt running too cool?

Defective thermostat? not closing allowing engine to achieve normal operating temperature?

98 dodge 2500 4wd engine not running hot enough?

I have a 2001 Dodge 3500 that was not getting up to operating temperature. I changed the thermostat and that fixed it. I guess the thermostat was stuck open.

Evinrude 40hp outboard motor buzzes and loses power?

This sounds like your engine warning system is trying to alert you to a cooling problem. Overly high running temperatures are deadly to an outboard, and can lead to very expensive repair costs. Check to see that the thermostat is operating properly, and that the engine is running in an acceptable heat range.

What isthermostat of hilux toyota?

The thermostat opens and closes to keep the engine running at the optimum temperature range. A properly operating thermostat also keep the engine coolant hat enough to heat the passenger compartment in wintertime.

What is the running temperature for a 1990 firebird?

the factory installs a 195 deg thermostat the fans do not come on till 210 deg from 195 - 210 is your operating temp

Why does your top radiator get soft while the engine is running?

If the question is: why does your top radiator hose get soft while the engine is running? If that's what u want to know, it's because the thermostat in the engine opens to flow the coolant thru the motor to keep the operating temperature from getting to hot. It's stores water in the radiator which cools the water and the thermostat blocks it until a predetermined temp.

What is the normal running temp for a Chevy 350?

That depends on the thermostat. If it's a 185 thermostat, the engine should run at 185. If it's running too hot, check the thermostat, radiator and water pump. If it's running too cold, replace the thermostat.

Can a refrigerator thermostat be used as a room thermostat?

No. The refrigerator thermostat has different cut-in (when the unit turns on) and cut-out (when the unit shuts off) temperatures than a regular wall thermostat. A refrigerator thermostat cut-in/out values are usually 30 degrees - 35 degrees, respectively. If you used this on your wall, your AC unit would constantly be running trying to make your house a giant refrigerator!

Why was water running in boiler when thermostat off?

The thermostat controls only the temperature of the water.

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