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So, what you actually mean is the car won't run. First, did it run before you replaced all that stuff? If so, go back and re-check everything for something left disconnected or hookerd up wrong. Remember, it happens to the best of us. Two reasons an engine won't run. No fire (spark) or no fuel. Suggest you check it for codes. The computer usually knows what's wrong and it's faster then guessing. However, if you mean the starter won't turn the engine over, check for dead battery. Check for loose battery cable/wires at the starter, etc.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-31 22:16:25
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Q: 1986 bmw325es What if the car will not turn over you have replaced the distributor cap and rotor plugs and plug wires ignition coil I have repla crank sensor and the speedreference sensors and It's no?
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Where is the ignition condenser located on a 2003 Toyota Highlander?

The ignition condenser is located inside the distributor. In order to repair the issue, the distributor will need removed and replaced.

1989 Mazda will not start it is getting fuel and has a good spark from the coil to the distributor cap but has a week spark at the plugs Have replaced ignition coil distributor pickup coil plug wires?

try to get a new ignition rotor

1974 pickup 390 mtr has been converted to electronic ignition The ignition fried Replaced ignition and coil Ignition switch is good but still no spark Can anyone help?

You'd have to describe the components you replaced. Did you use a plug and go all in one distributor or did you replace the coil, distributor, and add an electronic ignition unit? If you "fried" your ignition, it's likely you fried something else along the line too. Check all your components.

1988 ford aerostar no start problem I have had the ignition modual tested replaced the coil replaced the distributor cap and rotor and stil no spark please help?

replace wire from coil to distributor or inertia switch lower side panel under glove box.

How do you replace the ignition coil on a 1990 Honda CRX?

The coil and distributor are one unit, there for, no coil wire. Yes it is a sealed unit and has to be replaced as one.

Why does your 90 Honda civic sputter It wouldn't start replaced plugs wires and distributor rotor blade now it sputters and its not the ignition coil i replaced it HELP?

check and see if u have a hole in your muffler

Number 1 piston on 1995 Toyota Tercel Does not fire well Have replaced ECU map sensor injector ignition coil and plug wires?

did you replaced spark plug also distributor cap and rotor???

How many coils or spark on a 1992 Chevy 305 4x4 pickup replaced cap and pickup coil still no spark?

I would replace the ignition module in the distributor.

Why won't my 96 jetta start i replaced coil distributor i have spark going out of coil but nothing going to plugs?

Even though you replaced the coil, it may be bad. You should test that first. If the coil is okay, it could be that the ignition wires need to be replaced.

1994 olds achiva We have replaced ignition control modual and coil pack power control modualcrank sensor also checked wiring and fuses still no spark?

see if there is a small coil in the bottom of the distributor, you have to pull the distributor out to replace it

1987 suburban stopped running now has no spark replaced coil cap rotor electronic ignition module in distributor?

I'm not sure I understand your question. The ignition module is suspect in this case and yes, it's under the distributor cap. You may also want to replace the distributor cap and rotor while your at it, they're cheap parts and hair-line cracks in a distributor cap can be hard to detect. If all of these fail I'd look at replacing the coil and coil wire to the distributor.

93 probe gt replaced mass airflow sensor car turning over not starting replaced distributor and wires - any suggestions plan to pull codes this evening?

Check condition of ignition coil. Replace if bad.

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