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1987 Ford Laser double ohc turbo 4WD B6 engine replace timing belt where do the timing marks on the camshafts line up when top dead center?


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THERE ARE SMALL HOLES IN THE TIMING GEARS THAT LINE UP WITH MARKS ON THE FRONT OF THE HEAD. When the crank pulley is at TDC on the compression stroke, 'E' & 'I' on the camshaft sprockets should be at 12 o'clock.


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DOHC. Obviously a v-6 or v-8. DOHC- Double OverHead Camshafts. 2 camshafts per cylinder head.

Real simple exhaust camshafts are the camshafts nearest the exhaust manifolds ( outside if cylinder heads) intake camshafts are on the inside closer to center of engine.

DOHC means Double Over-Head Cam. The engine has 2 camshafts that are located within the cylinder head at the top of the engine.

the wankle engine has no camshaft

A single overhead camshaft V-8 has 2 camshafts, one on each head.

DOHC means double overhead cams,which means two camshafts on top of one cylinder bank. 4.6l is the engine displacement.

A twin cam is an engine that has two cam shafts (which open and close the valves). The most common reasons for two camshafts are: If a V-shaped engine design uses one cam shaft for each side of the V - obviously, if a V engine has overhead cams, you would need a cam at the top of each side of the V. Also, a straight in-line engine with two intake valves and two exhaust valves per cylinder might use twin camshafts. Actually, I V-6 or V-8 engine with one camshaft on each head in a overhead cam configuration is still considered a single overhead cam. The only time an engine is classified as a twin cam or double overhead cam is when there are two camshafts on each cylinder head. A double overhead cam V-6 engine would have a total of four camshafts. Two for each head.

It could have one, two or four cams. Depends on the engine

Dohc means that the engine has 4 valves per cylinder or 2 camshafts per head :)

Remove the engine .....bugger of a job

DOHC stands for Dual Over Head Cam : That means that each cylinder head has 2 camshafts on the top of the engine cylinder head ( in the case of the Ford Escort ZX2 , there is one cylinder head on the four cylinder engine so it has 2 camshafts on top of the cylinder head )

assuming it's a Northstar engine. It's in the center of the engine below the intake plenum chamber.

no, most people find it easier to leave the engine in. is it a pi cam or oem replacement? i would suggest if you dont already have one is the 97 shop manual. and after you get a new cam you'll need to have it tuned

Is this actually a question? The "2" refers to the fact that the engine has 2 camshafts... and a few extras.

In a 1999 Ford Contour : The 2.0 litre four cylinder engine has ( 2 cam shafts on top of the cylinder head ) The 2.5 litre V6 engine has ( 2 camshafts on top of each cylinder head so there are 4 camshafts )

It sends a signal to the engine computer to tell it the rotational position and speed of the camshafts. The computer uses that information for fuel and spark timing.It sends a signal to the engine computer to tell it the rotational position and speed of the camshafts. The computer uses that information for fuel and spark timing.

Yes, but with improvements along the way. Better camshafts etc...

Replace the engine.Replace the engine.

The engine should be able to fly because the camshafts are hollow, just likea bird's bones.

the kv6 engine has a timing belt that drives both camshafts , shown in the work shop manual

Yes, both engines are practically the same bar the distributor and coil pack, but the camshafts are identical

On a 2001 Ford Taurus : The 3.0 liter " Duratec " V6 engine is a Dual Over Head Cam design , so their are ( 2 ) camshafts on the top of each cylinder head , for a total of ( 4 ) camshafts

1 (One) crankshaft. There may be 1 or 2 camshafts but always 1 crankshaft.

The "bumps" you refer to are called the "lobes". They are a precise size that allows the valves to open and close correctly in an engine.

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