Jeep Cherokee

1987 Jeep Cherokee with 67000 miles is overheating Replaced Thrmo stat that did't fix the problem you can see when car is running coolant started to heat up and bubble in the reservior Any suggestions?

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2011-09-12 14:00:02

definitely gettin ok? look at the oil filler

the oil inside the CAP MILKY?? if so then headgasket...but due to

the year and model, I'm guessing head gasket...also flush the

radiator, make certain it flows well...

good luck


everyone should have a shop manual for their vehicle, and the

library should have a professional shop manual(wiring diagrams and

more detailed info) available in the reference section for

FREE....make copies of the right sections, and fix it like a

PRO!!good luckDave :)

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