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1987 topaz will turn over but wont start and has fire?


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2008-02-09 20:35:11
2008-02-09 20:35:11

Is it getting fuel? Does it have compression?

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What year? check the ignition module. see manual

Two common reasons why an engine will crank over, but not start: There is no spark. There is no gasoline.

the generator was over heated and it blew up. the fire spread over gas canisters and created a huge explosion.

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yes wiggle the wires at the plug in to the cdi . it will loose contact over time and interupt fire at the plug...worked for me................

have you tried replacing the cap and rotor?

it is full of gases and fire if it where to tip over it would start on fire just put it that way.

The Rim Fire which started in August of 2013 is not burning anymore. The fire was extinguished in October 2013, over two months after the start of it.

Your engine is flooded so hold the throttle wide open and crank it over until you hear it start or fire then use the normal way you start it and you should be good to go.

it doesnt start when its foggy out because all the wetness in the air

ok i have a 1986 jeep cherokee it wont start from the key in side it turns over but dosent fire up an its got (gas an fire) it will start if you pull start it an it has a carb

Okay, crank it. No start...are you getting fuel? If so, check for spark. If you are getting spark and fuel, check to see if your timing is correct. After that, I'm really not sure...if you are getting gas and spark, then the thing should fire up.

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If the Saturn Sl2 will turn over but not start, check for ignition fire first. If there is no fire then look at the crank shaft sensor and coil pack as possible problem areas.

Start looking at fire and gas. Trace these two that are the main problems.

The candles could be knowck over. If they are not blown out, this could start a fire.

If it is the same engine, both either standard or auto, might have to check if the 1990 had over drive, cause the 88 or most of them did not.

check for spark at the spark plugs... check for fuel getting pulled into the throttlebody

Check and clean your spark plugs that might be the problem.

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