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Q: 1988 Ford Ranger Cranks fine and idles fine If you try to go up even a small hill it cuts out Could it be that the low pressure pump in the tank is working and the high pressure pump on the frame isn'?
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1987 Ford Ranger cranks but does not fire what could be the problem?

check map sensor that was the problem in my 89 2.3 ranger

You were driving and suddenly your 96 Tahoe died It would not restart Lights radio still working When you tried to restart it cranks but would not turn over what could be the problem?

No you were driving and it quit.and if it cranks it is turning over. check for spark at the spark plugs and also for fuel pressure at the injector rail.

Why is there no spark on a 1994 Mazda Protege if the engine cranks and the ignition coil is in good working condition?

It could be the ICM or the pickup module.

Working conditions of a game ranger?

The working conditions of a game ranger are different each day. Some days it will be sunny and everything will be OK. Other days there could be a flash flood.

Your 1991 ford ranger oil pressure gauge doesnt work what could be wrong?

Bad oil pressure sending unit?

What could be wrong with a 1999 2.7 intrepid that cranks for a long time before starting It always starts but cranks for a long time?

Check for codes(possible cam sensor), check fuel pressure bleed down(possible fuel pump).

What is the CO2 fire extinguisher pressure?

Working pressure 174Bar, Test Pressure 215Bar. this is the average rate , it could be little more or less BEN

When you put ranger in reverse it wants to squeal the tires could something be wrong with transmission?

Are the rear brakes working normally?

Why does the 3000gt cranks good but does not start only cranks?

The problem is in spark, or fuel. Rarely the Crank angle sensor. ECU could be going bad too.

Why would the fuel gauge on a 1993 Ford Ranger stop working?

It could be the fuse, but mine is because the floater that measures for the gauge is stuck.

1995 ranger four wheel drive not working switch or low fluids or bigger problem?

It could be something as simple as a bad fuse

How do you make working model of hydraulic lift?

You could use tap pressure, a connecting pipe and a balloon.

What could be the problem with starting your 2001 Honda civic when it cranks and turns over but won't start?

could be disdributor

What could prevent a 2001 Ford Ranger that cranks fine from starting anti-theft bad oil pressure sensor?

no spark check neutral safety switch / clutch "engaged" switch (?????) emergency fuel shutoff switch bad fuel pump ( should be able to hear that engage if you just turn the key one click forward but not to start)if its an automatic try it in neutral

Your car cranks sometimes starts sometines doesnt could this be a transmission problem?

Not likely

What could be wrong engine knocking then stopped running on an 89 ford ranger?

It may have lost oil pressure. Is the oil full? Insufficient oil is the most common but not the only cause of low oil pressure.

Water pipes hum when on?

There are a number of reasons why pipes might hum when they are turned on. A washer could be worn out and not working correctly. The fill valve on one of the toilets may not be working properly, or it could be your water pressure.

How do you know if your fuel pump is not working in your 1996 Audi a4?

A fuel pump pressure test could determine that.

2003 dodge stratus cranks but no start what the problem?

i hit he curb and put a hole in the oil pan ,i replace the oil pan now the engine cranks but doent start. what could be the problem

What could cause dash lights to suddenly stop working on 1994 ford ranger?

A blown fuse or the headlight switch could be at fault ,also possibly a broken wire in the light switch wiring.

My 1999 Dodge Intrepid e.s. 3.2. starts and runs fine but it cranks for a bit before firing up otherwise it runs fine. got new plugs and starter what could it be?

fuel pressure bleed down, possible fuel pressure regulator or injectors

1990 Honda accord cranks but goes dead immediately also dash lights quit working all at the same time what could the problem be?

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or RunCheck related link below

1980 z28 starter cranks slow sometimes other times cranks good has new battery?

could be the starter or the solenoid, they arer pron to heating up especially when using headers, peace

Why people should have their blood pressure check and health risks associated with high blood pressure?

Your heart could go to fast and could stop working and your heart also couldn't pump blood to fill your whole body.

What fuse do you change if your car doesn't start?

If it cranks but doesnt start it could be your fuel pump relay or your fuel pump could be bad.