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"If it's "WHITE", it could be water vapor, a normal product of an internal combustion engine. If it's water vapor it goes away as soon as the exhaust pipe warms up. If you're not burning oil, don't worry about it.

If you ARE burning oil, try an oil change using a little engine flush. Follow instructions on the engine flush, then use a thicker weight oil."

If it is a little steam then it could be normal water vapor as outlined above...but if it is really thick and looks more like WHITE SMOKE, then likely you have a blown head-gasket which is allowing water to enter the cylinder, which is turned into large billowy puffs of white smoke (steam) from your exhaust....unfortunately I've seen it many, many times with people describing the same symptoms and its always been a blown head-gasket and/or head.

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Q: 1988 Honda Accord that has white smoke coming out of the tailpipe when you start it up and also when Im driving it How much time do you have til the car starts to act up Im very low on money and cant?
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