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Chances are you have a bad wire or plug causing it ; It is easy for a weak plug or wire to hit without a load ,so if it is time for a tune-up I would replace the wire set and plugs. Check your cap and rotor also. I hope this helps you. Mark Mark thanks for the help. New wires did the trick. Truck runs great. Thanks again!!!!

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โˆ™ 2005-12-06 06:13:06
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Q: 1988 K2500 Chevy 4x4 5.7 misses under a load while driving but not while revving the engine?
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Chev 350 marine engine misses at high speed?

If your Chevy 350 marine engine misses at high speed, you might have an issue with the timing. This can be adjusted. You also may have an issue with the fuel filter or injectors. Spark plugs can do that also.

Why does my engine shut off when im driving my 1998 Chevy S-10 with a 2.2L engine?

could be a bad fuel pump.

Your 2004 Chevy astro van has a high squealing sound when you accelerate?

Usually a squealing sound upon acceleration , or even just revving the engine in neutral , indicates a worn or loose fan belt .

Do you have a engine surge while driving after installation of new fuel pump in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

No, there should not normally be any engine surging while driving following installation of a new fuel pump.

Why would a Chevy cavalier stop running while driving?

blown engine, out of gas janitorial duties.

Why 1985 Chevy c10 cuts out in drive at low speed?

hen u are driving in a low spped in a 1985 Chevy the engine trys to run at full power when u are driving at low speed the engine needs to stop to rest to stop u blowing th eengine

1999 Chevy suburban cylinder 3 misses and than stops and than misses again Changed spark plugs wires distributor cap and rotor cap It will also backfire when driving?

Runa compression check. If it has low compression in that cylinder you might have a burned or sticking valve.

How do you build a 358 Chevy engine?

Chevy 350 bored 60 over. .... not the best way to come to a 358... The "NASCAR" way is to use a 400sbc block and a 327sbc crank. High revving and big hp up top.

You have a 1993 Chevy Lumina and when you accelerate to high RPMs the engine starts to choke and then cuts out after a while What could be wrong?

1993 Chevy lumina: check all vacume lines for leaks and or splits around intake.AnswerIf you are not actually moving (just revving up the engine), it is normal for the engine stop at 4000 rpm. (governored)

What will cause a car to stall in a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

Stalling at idle? Immediately after starting? While driving? While stopping? Cold or hot engine? What engine do you have?

What does it mean when the check engine light flashs in a 2002 Chevy Express van?

If the check engine light is flashing as you are driving it means you are about to destroy the catalytic converter(s). Stop the engine and get it to a garage.

I am serching for a chevy 409 engine ?

I am searching for 409 chevy engine

Will driving a 98 Chevy cavalier with a speedometer that doesn't work blow your engine or transmission?

No it will not blow your engine or tranny up it has nothing to do with either of them. The thing to look for is if a speed sensor is out.

Is the 2004 Chevy aveo 1.6 L a zero tolerance engine?

if timing belt brakes while driving,will it damage motor.

Do oil pressure switches leak at wire connection on 88 Chevy Celebrity?

yes usually from over revving

Is a Chevy 3100 engine block and a Chevy 3400 engine block the same?


What Chevy engine is casting sgi2076?

Sometimes this website can be helpful for decoding chevy engine numbers:

Will a distributor out of a 1997 Chevy 350 engine work in a 1972 Chevy 454 engine?


How do i determine the year of my Chevy 350 engine?

what year is my 350 chevy engine K1201KRH

Will a 96 Chevy engine hook up to a 95 Chevy transmission?

Need to know which engine and which transmission.

What is the normal oil pressure on a 1977 Chevy 350 truck engine?

I have a 1974 Chevy truck with the 350 V8 and the engine is in good shape. At idle the oil pressure is 35-40 PSI, at driving speed it goes up to about 50 PSI. Hope this helps.

Chevy Silverado died while driving?

It could be a lot of different things, To be able to help you better need the year and engine size.

What does it mean when a 1998 Chevy cavilers engine shuts down when driving wont start back up?

time for a major tune up

What do you need to swap a 350 Chevy engine into a1988 Chevy pick-up with a 305 Chevy engine?

As long as the 350 is a fuel injected engine / TBI / Throttle Body Injection engine there is NO difference.

My 1991 Chevy truck blew head gasket while driving and got verry hot and wont turn over now?

your engine is seized man. start looking for a new engine.

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