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1988 Lincoln Mark 7 LSC when you accelerate hard the car does not take off fast and it starts clicking you have to gradually accelerate it so there won't be any clicking What could it be?


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I would check the timing (sounds like the car is pinging) first put some premium gas in it if that doesn't work then check the timing! What I did on my car was power time it, while someone is holding the brake real tight rev up the eng to about 2000 RPM then slowly turn the distributer till you hear the pinging then turn it back slightly till it stops and you will have the total amount of timing you can run! If you use regular gas the car will not peform good from a stop on acceleration! These cars have to run on premium gas if you have the 5.0 HO engine (Mustang GT Engine) they put this eng. in all Mark vii's 1988 and up! If this doesn't work then you have another problem???????