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What gives off, the injector pluse? Do you mean, where do the pluse signals, that trigger the injectors, come from? The EMC (engine managment computer) usually handles this, after receiving bizillions of sensor readings, from every related sensor, involved in the process.

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Q: 1988 Toyota pickup what gives off the injector pulse?
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What gives the injector pulse in a 1987 Toyota pickup?


Where is the negative side of a coil on a 93 Toyota t100?

The negative side of this coil is that it doesn't have a injector pulse. There also was a problem with the lack of spark.

What controls injector pulse on a 98 wrangler?

The engine computer (pcm) controls the injector pulse. It looks at numerous sensors and switches to calculate pulse width

Why no injector pulse on 1990 Ford Ranger with 2.3 D I S.?

1990 ford ranger 2.3 no injector pulse what causes this

84 Toyota pickup that had a carburated motor in it you put a 86 22re EFI motor in changed the wiring not getting any injector pulse where does the ECU get power from and why is there no injector pulse?

did u install all components like resister,igniter,etc from the 86? the ground 4 inj.goes 2 the intake.distributor from 86 also needed .4 more info email me. My take is that the MAF sensor enables the fuel pump and the igniter send a signal to prove rpm enabling injection pulse which is then controled by TPS and air flow along with rpm to adjust pulse width, giving the engine more or less fuel on demand.

No power to fuel pump 200 Nissan exterra have sparkand injector pulse?

200 Nissan exterra v6 have spark and injector pulse no power to fuel pump

Where is the speed pulse wire in a Toyota Corolla?

where is the speed pulse wire in a Toyota corolla

95 Ford F-150 losing injector pulse?

Injector pulse is controlled by the ECU. Injectors Have a red wire that is hot. Black wire is controled by computer ground...

What is the difference between the pulse width and the duty cycle of an injector?

Pulse width is the time in milliseconds that the injector is energized, the duty cycle is the percentage of on-time to total cycle time

How do you check for fuel injector pulse?

tools u can use are a noid light....or an injector pulser ''TOOL''

What controls an injector pulse on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

The engine computer.

What would cause a Ford Falcon to have no injector pulse?

faulty distributer, bad earth terminal on batterie also body controle unit ontop of park brake can stop injector pulse, early to late 90 models

92 Chevy Caprice HAS no injector puLSE?

A 92 Chevy Caprice that has no injector pulse mostly likely has clogged injectors or a defective fuel pump. Fuel injectors must be cleaned periodically to removed buildup for peak performance.

What controls injector pulse on a 95 Buick Riviera?

The engince control computer. Why ?

What controls injector pulse on a 93 Grand Cherokee?

Engine control module

Why No spark no injector pulse?

faulty crank angle sensor in most cases

What sensor has the most influence on fuel injector pulse width?

oxygen sensor

1991 MIATA no injector pulse what to do?

92 mazda miata not pulsation in the injectors

What causes no injector pulse on a95 eagle talon 2.0 turbo?

A no good ecm

What signals injector to pulse on a 1985 corvette?

The engine control by way of the ignition module.

1987 celebrity injector will not work new injector new harness will not inject fuel?

hi I have a 1986 chev celebrity also, fuel injector does not get signal to pulse the injector so it wont run unless fuel is being pured down the throttle body, ideas??

Is the throttle body connected to the fuel injector pulses?

A fuel injector pulse is the product of an electrical charge controlled by the ecm to briefly open an injector. If the engine is throttle body injected, you would find the injectors in the throttle body.

Where is the number 1 fuel injector in a transit?

The #1 cylinder is located closest to the front of engine, which is where the pulley that drives serpentine belt is. Ensure injector is getting pulse before replacing.

Why do you take a pulse?

i take bp on cuff machine which gives pulse rate also.

How do you check injector pulse?

There are several ways. Most people use what is called a noid light. To use a noid light you unplug a fuel injector and plug a noid light in to the harness. You turn the engine over. If the noid light flashes then you have injector pulse. Another way to check is to use a low wattage test light. Unplug a fuel injector, and plug one end of the test light to each wire from the harness. Crank the engine over and see if the light flashes.