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1988 Volvo 240 series Charging system faults?

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where is the charging post located under the hood for a Volvo Cross Country

The engine control moduel has detected a fault usually with the Elctronic Throttle system in the vehicle. Other fuel system related faults can also trigger that message.

Caterpillar C series, Cummins IS series, or Volvo VED series.

Take it to a dealer. If there a/c is not working then there is a leak. Charging your a/c system is a very dangerous job and can be killed by it. Take it to a dealer or a trusted garage.

Sounds like the charging system failed and the car ran until battery power was deleted.

Volvo uses the Volvo Navigation System (VNS) that was developed by Volvo. You can read about it at

The VNL series trucks are. Volvo Trucks is still a part of Volvo A.B., although the car manufacturer is not.

how do you reset the alarm system service light on a 2001 volvo s80

You need the Volvo software to do this. It's programmed into the engine ECM.

The first production of the Volvo P1800 was assembled in England in September of 1960. The Volvo P1800 was finally released in 1962. The Volvo P1800 was driven in the television series "The Saint" played by Roger Moore in 1962.

It means you should go to a shop which has the appropriate software for your engine, and have them look up faults.

The recommended fuel for all Volvo 70 series is premium, 91 RON or better.

870 stand for the 850 en V70classic series. There isn't a Volvo 870 as such. Volvo enthousiasts just use the number 870 when they are referring to a Volvo 850 '92-'97 or a V70(classic) first generation made until 2000.

hi friend, The suspension used for Volvo bus is "Olympian suspension".

That will be a series of relays, not a fuse.

Only in the infotainment system (sound system,GPS etc) at this time.

Evap System. Large leak.

According to Wikipedia, the Volvo S 40 was first produced in 1995. It was primarily manufactured in the Netherlands, and it's later versions were the v50 series.

Volvo says "Volvo coolant"....I say pentosin pentofrost nf. It's the blue stuff. Not lifetime coolant, but can safely be kept in the system for a couple of years.

It actually mean Antilock Brake System not automatic braking system

The 200 Series Volvo is the only car in automotive history to have a 0 rollover fatality rate in the entire 17 year production run of the cars. I love them

What is a Volvo S10? There are s90, s80,s70,s60, s40 early and s40 late also known as the P1 platform series

dex-cool Dex-cool is anitfreeze which goes in the radiator and cooling system. As for Freon which goes in the air conditioning system, the 97 Volvo uses R134A Freon.

89 Volvo is R12(Freon).You need to go to a qualified tech to have it checked.A good idea is to have it converted to R134(have to have old R12 vacummed out first,and change charging valve)then you can refill yourself.but be aware,that the valve is behind the compressor,and not easy to get to.

Unfortunately, there was no Volvo 950. There was a 940, a 960 and an 850. The 850 was front wheel drive, and the 9 series models were rear wheel drive. Hope this helps!

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