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1989 Acura Legend car why would a car make a spinning noise after you replace the starter and battery connection you check the flywheel it's ok battery good alternator is good sound like it winding?


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November 30, 2005 2:49PM

When you replaced the starter, were there any spacers or shims that allowed for the alignment of the starter into the block? While that COULD be the problem, I doubt it but I thought I'd mention it. It sounds more like a problem with the replacment starter. When a starter is engaged, a gear that is normally pulled back into the starter is pushed out so that it can be in contact with the flywheel gear. If the retractable gear will not move out during startup cycle the starter motor will just wind up and nothing really happens. I suggest that you pull the starter and see if the bendix is engaging the gear. If it isn't, get another starter. For a little more information about starters, go to