1989 Honda CRX si fan wont come on?

sounds like you have the same problem that plagues many Honda owners. i had a problem with my driver side fan not coming on. the other fan would come on and off as needed. i had this problem with my 92 Honda accord as well. as far as i know or have heard its due to the sensor going out. that's one way to fix it.

i fixed this problem on my 88 crx hf. i did this by running a (power) wire coming off the parking light fuse holder. with the fuse out you will see 2 pieces of metal if you look inside were fuse normally goes. one side has power and one side should not. you want the side that is going to give you power. now that you know were to get power out place wire at that point and replace the correct fuse in the parking light/headlight this wire will get the power out of the fuse box .(you can get a fuse tap at autozone) . run this wire to the front end of your car . now if you follow the 2 wires coming out of the fan you should see a connector. just after the green plastic connector i cut the wires. one wire is positive and one is negative. i cant remember what was positive and what was negative. i looked it up in a repair manual. now take the positive wire coming out of the fuse box that is running through the firewall ,and connect that wire to the positive wire that leads to the fan. now with the negative wire from the fan add a connector to the wire . then if you look at the radiator support. you should see some bolts that you could undo to use as a ground. now take the negative wire and add an eye connector. connect the negative wire to the chassis. the motor should have a wire you will see that runs from the top of the engine to the front chassis. that's were i bolted the negative wire from the fan to. now the way this should work is that every time you turn on either the parking lights or headlights on the light switch you should see the fan turn on then when you turn your lights off the fan should go off.

( you should first run a TEST wire from the positive side of your battery to the positive fan wire. do this with the negative wire from the fan attached to the grounding point of the chassis. this is just a quick test to see that the fan will work with direct power to it. if the fan turns on just replace wire from fuse box to the positive. discard the power wire you used from the battery. you will want the wire from your fuse box because this will be on an on off switch ( your headlights!).

now this brings you a working fan but you must always run around town with headlights on which is not that bad , but for one problem. that its very easy to leave your cars headlights on when you leave your car. this is due to the fact crx don't have a chime that lets you know your headlights are still on. so you risk running your battery dead while your away. =( done this to many times!!!

now this is were you want to do a bonus fix. you can get a small buzzer or chime from radio shack cheap. like 8 bucks. it has 2 wires coming out of the buzzer. the way you use this is to take the same power wire coming off the fuse box supplying power to your fan. now you piggy back the red wire from the speaker to the power wire from the fan. now take the black wire from the speaker and attach it to a fuse port that is not on when your car is off. for instance i have mine on the windshield wipers. the way the speaker works is that when the fan power wire is switched on (headlights are on). the speaker will not work. however with the headlights on and car off your should hear a buzzer. now just switch the headlights to off with car still off. and speaker and fan should turn off.

now whats great about this is that if you do leave your headlights on while car is off as you leave you should faintly hear your fan running this will remind you as well you left your headlights on !!. only draw back is you have to switch on your headlights as part of starting your car. you can look up how to install the headlight buzzer online. i found out how to do this online were someone had placed pics and all that.

hope this helps out alot of Honda owners!! i love me crx and my Honda accords that i own and would not trade them for anything. all though i have and will always love the 20 plus muscle and classic cars i have had the joy of owning.