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What is the proper way to pickup dog?

no,there is not a proper way to pickup a dog.

What is proper etiquette for the card when sending funeral flowers?

I (we) are terribly sorry for your loss. Please accept my (our) condolences. Sign Here

How do you put the pully on a power steering pump on a 1995 chev pickup?

You can rent the proper tool to that job from your local auto parts store. The tool can remove and install the pulley with out damaging pump and/or pulley.

Is sending a business related text on Sunday evening proper?


Can you install murphy beds yourself?

Yes, you need the proper tools and labor to install it.

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1989 Chevy 350 in a pickup?


What is the purpose of system restore?

install proper drivers

What is the proper spark plug gap for 1988 Chevy Pickup with a V8 350?


What is the proper tightening torque for a 1991 Toyota pickup oil drain plug?


Who can install my hot tub in the Omaha area?

Yes, you can install hot tubs with the proper installation and maintenance.

What is proper timing for 69 Chevy pickup truck350 4bolt main?

4 degrees BTDC.

What is the adjective for celt?

The proper adjective for the proper noun 'Celt' is Celtic.Please note that a proper noun and a proper adjective is always capitalized.

When did Augustus?

Do what? please ask a proper question.

What is the proper address label format when sending an invitation to a reverend and his wife?

Reverend & Mrs.

How do you install a manifold the proper way? tells you all about how to install a manifold the proper way. earn how easy and fast! It's fun too!

What is proper timing for 69 Chevy pickup truck 350 4bolt min?

4 degrees BTDC.

What is the proper engine temperature for a 1993 S-10 pickup 4.3 L?


What is the proper etiquette for sending a electronic card on the recipient's birthday?

No one can say for sure what the proper etiquette is for sending a birthday gift card. Something to keep in mind is to always send a gift card that can be returned or refunded should the receiver not like the store.

Is dakin a good system to install for my refrigerator?

With proper maintenance a Dakin unit should last you 20 years. The Dakin offers total comfort. For more information on the Dakin unit, please visit

What is the proper salutation for a congressman?

"Will the defendant please rise"

Where does a shark?

Please ask this again in proper grammar.

Is is advisable to install window privacy film myself?

It is OK to install an window privacy film yourself as long as you have the proper materials ans know how to do. You do not need a professional to install it.

How to install an electric fence?

Electric fences can be tricky to install if you do not have the proper directions. Here is a link to how to install an electric fence properly -

What is proper thickness of copper pipe to install in bathroom?

Type L copper

What is the proper way to install skylights on a standing seam metal roof?

there is no way