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If it was running okay before you put the new fuel pump on, try this.......disconnect the negative battery cable and let it sit for 15 minutes. During that time, open the throttle body and make sure the blade is closing all the way except for the tiny gap which is to permit the car to idle. After 15 minutes or so, reconnect the battery, and start it.

If this doesn't make a difference...did you also change out filter when you changed the fuel pump?

If you did, did you put it on to flow the correct way?

If you didn't change the fuel filter......change it now.......a lot of junk gets sent to the fuel filter when you change out the fuel pump.

Also try your map sensor this regulates the amount of fuel pressure to the inside of your manifold to be the same outside. The Throttle position sensor is also a culprit of this symptom.

I have the same car and mine did the same. I tried a new map sensor and that didnt work... Needed a new intake manifold gasket... Later it started again and would only idle if you kept the RPMs up, replaced the alternator and now it runs like a champ

I had a similar problem that would only happen when the engine was cold. it was a bad temperature wouldn't raise it own idle to warm up and would want to die right away.

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Replace the filter It is never a bad idea to replace a fuel filter if the problem still persists you need to look elsewhere for the problem.

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Did you reset the light? I don't know what gasket you changed, but undoubtedly that was not the problem. The check engine light comes on when there is a problem with the emissions system.

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im having the same problem.. changed the bulbs, changed the fuse.. took the switch apart and put it back together

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The emergent problem in engineering normal refers to deciding what has been changed or altered to cause other factors or problems. E.g. My fan doesn't spin? why not? what has changed? The casing is bent and stopping the blades from turning

Reoccurring starting problem on 98 Mercury mystique not getting fuel changed pump worked okay now problem reoccurred What is causing this problem?

I had the same problem with a 98 contour, It was the fuel pressure regulator.

You changed my battery and the low voltage light is still on in my 92 park avenue?

I changed your battery?? I don't think so. I think your alternator is your problem!

What is the problem when a Mazda MPV bucks while stopping at lights?

Had the same problem, it was the automatic idler valve. Not an expensive part and easily changed.

Your gmc z71 runs 15min and dies?

I had the same problem. Not sure if I fixed the problem, but I changed the stereo and it seemed to work. It had a custom stereo. If that's not the problem, it might be your computer module.

Why does my roof not work in my Mercedes after having the battery changed?

had the same problem it was just the fuse

No reverse in my 2001 alero its slow going into 1st why is this?

Try having the fluid and filter changed. If the problem persists seek help from a professional. You are driving an 11-year-old car and if you have not had the fluid changed at regular intervals this might be the problem.

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What if your 94 cavalier runs then dies If you let it sit for 20 it starts back up and will run again What could be the problem?

Had same problem and changed the ignitionmodule, problem solved and runs great

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It's probably your transmission.

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well the motor will be sluggish. i had the same problem i changed all 3 for less than a $100 and i also changed the plug wires as well. your problem could be the wires . but for $130 to $150 change both.

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The emergent problem in engineering normally refers to deciding what has been changed or altered to cause other factors or problems. E.g. My fan doesn't spin. Why not? What has changed? The casing is bent and stopping the blades from turning.

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