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you are probally missing teeth on the flywheel you should replace the flywheel.

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Q: 1989 ford bronco 2 2.9L When you go to start it the starter doesn't engage the flywheel and you end up pushing it to start you've replaced the start two times and still the same problem?
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How do you adjust the flywheel on a 2004 Dodge?

There is not an adjustment on a flywheel. Your problem will most likely be the starter.

What could it be Loud grinding clunky noise when starting?

Defective starter, or a problem with the flywheel. You need to check the starter and then remove it and check the flywheel.

What causes problems with the fly wheel and starter to reoccur on my 1988 Chevy pickup 1500 since both have been replaced?

is the problem,that the flywheel teeth are being chewed out and same on starter. or is the problem that starter and flywheel do not mesh properly when engaged? if either of thses is the problem,this means that the gear on the starter is not matched to the teeth on the flywheel. other problem that could be causing this is none or incorrect shims used when installing starter motor. to fix this, you need to make a mark on the flywheel(use white out or something like that),and count the number of teeth.then do same on the starter motor.then find out from a drive line specialist,how many teeth shoud be on starter motor to match the flywheel.they can also tell you the shims to be used when installing starter motor to get proper clearance.

Have 351 windsor two of them a 1986 and 1990 both with same problem when the starter engages it slips on the fly wheel replaced starter and fly wheel and it still does it never had this problem onford?

I'm not sure what you mean by "slips". Is the starter making a grinding noise or does the starter sound like it is missing the flywheel completely? My first thought was a bad starter drive (part of the starter) but if you replaced the starter with a new one it shouldn't be that.

Will repeated failed attempts to start a car result in a flywheel problem?

Not unless there was a problem with the drive gear on the starter that makes contact with the flywheel.

What causes a bad fly wheel on an automatic transmission car?

The flywheel can be cracked or the teeth on the flywheel can be broken or worn. Either of these conditions require the flywheel be replaced. I would also replace the starter when replacing the flywheel. This will prevent damage to the new flywheel from the worn teeth on the old starter.

Will a high torque starter work on a flat spotted flywheel Cause the regular starters just hit the flywheel.?

The answer to the question is no. If the flywheel is ground or damaged it needs to be replaced.

When I try to turn my bike on it wont turn over. All that you hear is the starter spinning. Is it the Starter Clutch that needs to be replaced?

It can be the starter bendix is not engaging the starter gear into the flywheel. It can also be a broken tooth on the flywheel itself. Try pushing the bike and then releasing the clutch. This will turn the engine over just enough to move the flywheel. If it then engages and starts, suspect you have a broken tooth. If that is not the case, then remove the starter and test it by applying 12 volts and see it the bendix kicks the gear out.

I replaced starter 6 times in 6 month period and have replaced the flywheel I am still going through starters I have a 1971 350 camaroNoone can figure out why this is happening Can you help?

If you have headers put a heat shield over the starter. That is what fixed my 84 C-10 starter issues. If it is a gear alignment problem try shimming. If it is a electrical problem try the heat shield.

Is the flywheel on a 5.7 liter Chevy pickup a problem starter or flywheel makes high pitched spinning sound.?

Could be either a defective starter drive or a broken tooth on flywheel Try turn the engine manually (large socket on crankshaft) to see if it will start- if so problem is a broken tooth - if not problem is probably a bad starter drive. (make sure vehicle is in neutral if std.)

Have you had problems with Ford Mondeo diesel flywheels?

Yes. I've a 2004 mondeo tdci and the dual mass flywheel went at 110,000 miles. It began with starter problems -sometimes working, sometimes not engaging. There was a build up of dust on the starter cog from the disintigrating flywheel. It cost about £650 to replace (including clutch) have had the same problem and had to replace the flywheel and clutch.. after 65000 miles..mechanic was not impressed with the mondeo flywheel and replaced it with a passat part

What will damage a starter over and over after the fly wheel was replaced?

If the starter is not properly mounted then it will not properly engage and release the flywheel. The started may need to be shimmed in or out.

If your starter periodically spins without engaging the flywheel is it possible that your ignition switch may be faulty?

No. The problem lies in the starter itself. Replace the starter and the vehicle will start....

Could the wrong flywheel make the starter not work?

yes. a starter made for the 168 tooth flywheel would not engage a 153 tooth flywheel.

After changing a 350 engine to a 305 will i have to change the flywheel or the starter because the 350 flywheel is bigger then the 305's?

A small flywheel needs to stay with the starter that goes to it. You can use either flywheel, and the block should be drilled for either starter.

Where is the starter and flywheel on the 94 z28 camaro?

The starter is underneath the car on the passenger side. The flywheel is in the transmission bellhousing.

If a car starter is making a grinding noise before or sometimes only after starting can it be caused by a computer problem?

no this is not a computer is either a starter motor problem or the ring gear on flywheel is worn

Starter spins but does not engage the flywheel?

The Bendix on the starter motor is not working properly, most likely. A fix entails the dismantling of the starter motor assembly and the work of a knowledgeable person to rebuild it. It's usually easier and cheaper to just get a rebuilt starter. The problem was not your starter! Sick of hearing that answer, but sadly I do not have the correct answer. My car was having the same issue, mainly on cold starts. I took the poor advice and replaced the stater and solenoid, that evening...Same problem! You will only need to replace your started if the real problem is not found, because it will grind off the teeth in the starter and may even destroy your flywheel! I am not a mechanic but after owning a 98 Dodge Intrepid I feel I know more than most! Again, do not replace the starter until you find the real problem or you will go thru starters like candy! BUT dont take to much time or you will be replacing the flywheel too!

What causes a bad flywheel on a manual transmission?

bad flywheel can be caused by incorrectly adjusted clutch. in correct use od clutch,9such as riding clutch).can also be caused by a worn clutch not being replaced before it damages flywheel. one other problem with a flywjheel can be the ring gear worn or missing teeth, this is usually caused by a starter motoer being installed that does not match the flywheel properly

Why does a starter on a Chevy 400 not engage to the teeth on the flywheel?

the starter bendix is bad or the flywheel it self has some teeth missing The Starter Bendix drive is not close enough to the flywheel. Reinstall the starter and check to see if there are shims that can be removed to place it closer.

Your 1993 jeep Cherokee does not turn over but all gauges and lights work starter problems?

This might help you a little bit,I have a 96 Cherokee that dose that, took it to shop still having problem your flywheel may be the problem you starter maybe in a dead spot on your flywheel(Missing a tooth)

If you replace the flywheel and put one in with more teeth do you have to chacge your starter as well on a 91 camaro?

if you put a flywheel on that was not the same as the old one then it is probably going to be done again and replaced with the correct one.

Starter will not engage?

if the starter is spinning but not engaging then the bendix (starter teeth) is not moving out to grab the flywheel teeth or the flywheel has some broken teeth. The starter needs to be removed to see what the issue is.

Why does the starter in a 1979 Chevy with a 350 small block grind sometimes or not engage into the flywheel too?

This can be caused by a worn flywheel, or a bad starter drive. You'll need to remove the starter and look at the flywheel to see which is bad.

84 Cutlass Supreme you had replaced the starter 4 times in 5 months and installed a flexplate but it still grinds?

You might have a bad flywheel.