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its normal for the ck engine light to be on during this time as it is running it engine cks

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โˆ™ 2006-08-30 02:47:52
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Q: 1989 ford f150 4x4 check engine light light on for 1-2 min when starting cold and rpm's low. never on when warm any ideas?
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What does the check engine light usually mean on a Mercedes Benz c 280?

why does the engine light remain on after starting

Why Engine check light on no starting?

get a trouble code tester, autozone will check your car for free

How do you check 95 civic check engine light?

Connect an OBD2 scan tool which will retrieve the codes set by the ECU. If you mean how to check to see if the light is working just turn the key on without starting the engine. The check engine light will illuminate.

2001 Toyota Highlander check engine light reset?

start with engine off. press and hold that speedometer resetter while starting engine, check engine light will flash a few times then disappear.

How do you check a check engine light on a 2001 ford ranger pu to see if it is burn out?

When you turn the ignition key to the run position just before starting the vehicle the check engine light will light for a few seconds to check the bulb

What is the dashboard light on mondeo zetec that resebles an engine?

That is the check engine light.That is the check engine light.

Where is location of check engine light 1997 mercury mountaineer?

The check engine light is just to the left of your battery voltage gauge in your gauge cluster . When you turn your ignition key to the run position , just before starting your engine , the check engine light should come on momentarily to check the bulb

What would cause the check engine light to remain on in a 2005 grand am before you start the ignition?

The light should be on before starting, and for 3 seconds after starting, as a bulb check.

Is the check engine oil light the same as the check engine light?

No, oil level does not cause the check engine light.

Not check engine service engine light?

The service engine light is the same thing as a check engine light.

1998 ford explorer check engine light?

The check engine light is the light shaped like an engine, or the light that states Check Engine (Soon). If this light comes on, it is time to see what the issue is with the engine.

Why don't the service engine soon light come on when starting the vehicle?

The check engine/service engine light should come on as soon as the ignition is turned to the on position without starting the engine. If it does not, then the bulb is either blown or has been removed.

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